Thursday, 27 October 2011

I call overreaction!

Dear dear Beloved, allow me to announce yet again how he is wrong (because he always is, right?)

See, you can tell me, at length, that there is a pen near the phone for writing phone messages, a pen in my desk, a pen in your desk, a pen on the fridge for writing shopping lists, a pen on the coffee table just because, a pend on both our bedside cabinest, a pen clipped to the calendar for writing down dates and things that we never read and then forget unless someone's buzzy phone or computer thingy starts screaming at us but we never but them in the buzzy thingies because we wrote it down, and a huge drawer full of oodles of pens (and oodles of spent pens. Why? Because when you find a pen is out of ink, you replace it and put the EMPTY PEN BACK IN THE DRAWER! Why? Why do you do this? Do you think the ink fairy's going to come and refill them? And same with batteries. If batteries are flat we do not need to keep them!)

Anyway, you can tell me where all these many many pens are. This means you always know where to find a pen. In fact, you can very easily find DOZENS of pens, dozens of pens for every day of the week - even moooore pens than we could ever write with (and many empty pens that you cannot write with but for some arcane reason we are keeping).

So. When I moooove one of those pens, it doesn't really matter, right? I mean, it's not like we aren't pen equipped. It's not like my deciding to go walking with, say, the phone pen is going to leave you bereft of writing implements, right?

Right. So I think it is MOOOOOST unfair to threaten disembowelling for there being no pens by the phone or fridge again. Clearly you are overracting iona  terrible and unjust manner

And yes, all the pens do show up at my desk. So what are you complainiung about? It's not like you can't find them! If the inifite drawer of pens is empty (or you can't be bothered to find a working pen among the shoals of empties, AND batteries, I might add) then you know exactly where to find a pen - my desk.

Yes he is Being Silly. I am Right and he is Overreacting. And yes, I do need 8 pens on my desk. Deal with it