Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Courtney Love, Jessica Lowndes and utter hot mess

Well done Courtney, I thought there were few people screaming gay allydom who would annoy me more than Katy Perry (ye gods I cannot abide her or the people who fawn over her) but amazingly, you’ve done it

Apparently because she’s a gay icon, she can use the word f@g. No. No no no. First of all, I don’t recall getting my voter form electing her as anything. And since when do the straight people get to declare themselves icons or allies?

I say, yet again, if the slur can’t be used against you, it has no place passing your lips. And if you really value your self-proclaimed icondom (or whatever other super-straighty status you think magically removes your straight privilege or makes your arseholery non-arseholery), you’ll know not to say such things.

But that’s not all, she also demanded that the audience call the Foo Fighters’ gay or she wouldn’t return to the stage. Seriously, demanded the audience chant homophobia. How many times does this have to be said? If you’re using “gay” to be a pejorative then you are being homophobic. If you don’t see being gay as a bad thing, then you cannot use the word to insult or demean or criticise something. If you do use the word gay to mean that, then, yes, you think gay people are less and can collect your homophobe hat.

And speaking of hot messes, Jessica Lowndes has released a new song wherein she sings about how much she wishes she were gay.

Clearly someone else aiming for that oh-so-coveted “gay icon” status (I’m really beginning to loathe the term).

Right, the cluelessness levels have now reached epic levels. Why is this problematic? Because being gay is not a happy dappy fun joyful thing. Oh it’s great fun and I’m nothing but proud – but homophobia and the generally straight dominated world. Dancing around singing how much you’d want to be gay denies, ignores and otherwise closes the ever-so-privileged gaze to the difficulties we actually face.

Also, it’s part of that ridiculous fetishising, pedestal thing. It’s not supportive to decide that a marginalised body is just sooooo cool and awesome and you just want to be them because of some fictional idealist vision you have of them. And it’s oh so clear here – she wants to be gay because lesbians don’t cheat. Uh-huh, I know some lesbians who will tell you different in… vehement terms

Now Katy Perry needs to screw up again so she can go back to the top of my shit list