Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Don't look now... but your homophobia is showing

So this ever-so-gay friendly liberal mother would like us to know she’s totally not homophobic but objects to her children – HER CHILDREN! – seeing this billboard
Check the link. There’s the piccy

Now, what I see is 2 men who aren’t even touching leaning in for a kiss. They’re not even kissing – they’re leaning in for a kiss

The writer (gay friendly sex positive liberal mother! HONEST! SEE she even said she’s gay friendly and totally not a homophobe you guys!) describes that piccy as:

two seemingly nude guys in a liplock

*checks picture**checks description**checks picture again* I see 2 shirtless guys who are starting to kiss. Where’s this lip lock? And you can see kissing on any channel at any time of the day – whyfore is this offensive?

Oh, right, yeah the 2 men. (Totally not homophobic guys! She objects to straight people kissing as well! Yeah that’s not bullshit, that’s great steaming elephant turds)

She doesn’t know how she can possibly explain this to her children (hey, that’s what the religious right says about us being, well anywhere at all). What, this gay-friendly woman has trouble explaining why 2 men may kiss to her kids? Now why oh why oh why would that be? Does her 9 year old child not understand kissing? Has he never seen people kiss before?

But you see, this will cause her child’s “premature loss of innocence” (the almost-gay kissing will crush their little hearts!). She believes she’ll have to explain casual sex to her 9 year old!

Uh, why?

They are 2 men kissing. All you have to explain, if you’re so desperately uncomfortable, is that there are 2 men kissing. As a gazillion couples round the world do every single day as, no doubt, your child has seen on television, in books, in games and in innumerable straight advertising and billboards.
But let’s have a special prize for credential establishing: she’s gay-friendly, she’d never protest “homosexual billboards” she even mentions her gay friends and, of course, dismisses anyone who disagrees with her as being “PC”. While at the same time using the same “think of the children” rhetoric we see from the religious right.

I actually prefer the religious right to people like Kelly Cole here; at least they’re honest in their prejudice