Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My bank should provide headache pills

Not that I take the co-codamol my doc keeps pressing on me (it's starting to stack up, it'd be more than if I actually fillled the prescriptions he gives me. And he knows I hate pills. Methinks the doc's been kind of careless there).

But anyway, the bank should provide some for having to deal with them, because really, this is getting silly.

I am me. With a first name and a second name.
Beloved is him, with a first name and a second name.
No, we don't share a name in common
Yes we want both names on everything. Yes everything. Yes that too. And that. Yes the insurance. Yes the bank accounts. Yes everything. YES
Yes we are both men
Yes we are family
No, we are not related by blood

I swear, I feel like we've been having this battle with the bank for years, every time we get a document of any kind, something is screwed up.

Gah, it's not rocket science