Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ok let me get some things clear here about the Nazis and GBLT people

So another bigoted arsehole has decided to open his mouth to defend poor oppressed Christians in the UK Who are being crushed under the “pink jackboot” and he needs to oppose the “Gaystapo”

Yes, Nazi analogies. I'm putting aside the malicious vileness of claiming GBLT people are oppressing Christians when Christianity is pushing so much homophobic and transphobic hatred because it's eclipsed by the sheer nauseating evil of comparing GBLT people to Nazis. And because he most certainly isn't the first Christian homophobe to use this comparison.

Firstly, and least importantly, Godwin's law exists for a reason. When you reach such levels of hyperbole, your point is utterly lost. Unless you are speaking about a fascist and oppressive government that brought war to much of the world while setting out to exterminate millions upon millions of people OR people who emulate and admire these vile people then it is not Nazi-like.

Secondly, and more grossly, GBLT people were targeted by the holocaust. The Nazis committed a ruthless, barbaric and sickeningly cruel genocide against GBLT people. One of many ongoing genocides I might add.

As one of the Nazi's victims (though oft denied and ignored), to conflate GBLT people and GBLT rights with the Nazis is above and beyond offensive. 60% of gay men detained by the Nazis died and were often treated with extreme cruelty. Many of them were beaten to death by their fellow prisoners. Many outside the camps were castrated.

And, guess what? When the camps were liberated, the liberating Allied powers often REARRESTED GBLT people because being gay was still seen as a crime by all the liberating powers. Naturally the reparations and state pensions that were given to other survivors were denied GBLT people

So enough. I literally cannot think of much out there that is as offensive as calling GBLT people Nazis, I really cannot. It is one of the worst things you could possibly say and shouldn't only torpedo any argument you're trying to make – but should equally shatter any claim you have to being anything close to a decent human being.

Learn what the bloody Pink Triangle actually means.

Learn some bloody history

And, most certainly, shut your bigoted mouth.