Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Time for a new giveaway at Fangs for the Fantasy!

Yes, a new month, a new giveaway (a list of all our shiny giveaways can be found here. Much more fun is a list of all Our book reviews and all of our TV reviews and our Podcasts

This month's giveaway is for Blood Work – a Hollows Graphic novel. As is well known I fandpoodle Kim Harrison muchly as one of my favourite authors and her Hollows as one of my favourite Urban Fantasy worlds

Click here to follow the instructions to enter. Please follow them carefully, in particular if you decide to go the Facebook route, please FOLLOW not “like” please please please. If you have trouble just use the Networked blogs widget, you can't go wrong

Remember that our weekly podcast is TONIGHT this week rather than it's usual Monday slot. We start at 10:00pm GMT and... Other Times elsewhere.