Monday, 7 November 2011


I had a lot planned today. I was going to be super-duper productive, I had a to-do list and everything. I was totally ready to be useful. I had plans! They were good plans!

And then, towards the end of the afternoon I get a blinding migraine (which means tomorrow I need to wend my way to work to pick up my car as well. Even earlier morning... grumble).

As if that isn't bad enough, it's one of those light migraines. You can sit in a darkened, silent room and after an hour it fades to being merely painful and you can get on with things - until you turn on a light then it's RED HOT KNITTING NEEDLE THROUGH THE OPTIC NERVE TO THE BRAAAAIN! So you turn of the light, whimpering, and it fades.

This means that, rather than laying on a bed whimpering in pain and agony, you lay on the bed, in discomfort and being bored rigid thinking of all the things you could be doing if you could move/turn on a light. And it's somehow worse (of course, it's only worse from the perspective of the bored and discomforted, turn on a light and I think I'd probably take the boredom, yes yes I would.)

Normally I don't get these damn things in winter, they're a summer blight with all that nasty excess sunshine following lack of decent sleep. Guess it's the sleep thing, again. Damn it, who has time to do this sleeping thing anyway?!

I am now in the latter stages. This involves it fading to discomfort and my being able to function in sorta-low light which means, of course, I will do silly things like read (and use a bright computer screen to blog and whine! Hi guys!) until it flares up again. Because I am SENSIBLE like that.

Belovd is, of course, only mildly sympathetic. He keeps saying blasphemous things like "wow, you mean four hours of sleep a night for several nights isn't good? Who would have thought?" and "coffee does not replace sleep" I mean, really. He's insulting the holy bean there, unacceptable! Unacceptable! There should be laws about being annoyingly reasonable during people's self-inflicted suffering