Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bad New Round Up

It's been a little while. My new computer meant I lost a lot of my linkies and took a while to retrieve them. Then the list was, of course, rather longer and this was compounded by my having a complete "no, I can't do this. I can't" moment which was unpleasant. They're not happy fun lists, after all.

But, I do think they're imporant, so after much wrangling I finally got it together

Hate Speech
Now that the excellent California law that requires GBLT people to be included in history lessons has passed, hate group Save California wants parents to remove their kids from schools so they are not “mentally molested”

While we have seen the much publicised racist rant of that vile woman on a tram there has also been a case of a homophobe abusing gay passengers on the London overground as well as 2 cases of street preachers engaging in similar abuse.
Kelly Osborune has spewed some vile transphobia and followed it up with a series of non-pologies.

Director Brett Ratner decided that homophobic slurs are such witty one liners I love the “everyone who knows me knows I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body.” Uh-huh your used a slur – I think the prejudice is pretty damn clear.

Professional footballer Hope Akban’s homophobic tweet is, naturally, going to face no consequences

Similarly, in Australia professional footballer Anthony Golec decided to go on twitter and use some homophobic slurs against a referee charming. He apologises and says it was meant to be a private exchange which shows a) he thinks hate speech is fine so long as you’re careful of your audience and b) he doesn’t understand twitter

And in Wales we have Kristian Phillips, a rugby player, also adding to the hate speech on twitter

Rapper Slaine joins the celebs who think spouting f@ggot on twitter is cool

In North Carolina a frat lounge in Wake Forest university has been vandalised with lots of anti-gay hate speech, some including racist language

In Houstan we have a very tired campaign tactic airing it’s ugly head Vote for me! My opponent might be gay! I don’t know what saddens me more, that it’s used or that it’s effective.

In Ohio, we have another home defaced with an anti-gay slur just waking up to seeing that on your home… that is violence. That is a threat

And in the comic relief we have Victoria Jackson who believes she’s getting no roles because of leftist controlled Hollywood. Watch the video to see the real reason really, she’s too easy a target.

In Poland a right wing partry has adopted a graphic anti-gay sign as one of their official symbols

A United Airlines manager threw in some hate speech with his customer service

They’re joined by a petrol station clerk in Indiana these are such fun examples of every day bullshit you have to deal with.

The Tennessee Tea Party responds to Barney Frank’s retirement with usual class

In Spain the film “Without Men” had all the lesbian scenes removed

In Australia KFC is on hand to help you stay all manly and not all nasty and sissy Apparently there’s a similar advert in South Africa

Following some of the fallout from the disgusting Sandusky scandal, in which many people have decided to jump on the homophobia band wagon, NPR decided to do a show that covered the rape of children and… GBLT parents. Uh-huh because that’s not problematic at all, right?

The “Sing Off” decided to completely undermine the vital work of the Trevor Project by encouraging the shame and hate the project fights against

And in Utah the BYU newspaper prints a letter comparing gay parents to serial killers oh I’d love to go there as a gay student – so reassuring.

The Pope , the old hater is blaming HIV on poor ethics – yes if you’re ill it’s because of your ethics

In New York Archbishop Dolan again shows us Catholic love – he hates that they may be sued if they don’t “hire THESE PEOPLE” I’d say he’s making his hatred clear – but it’s the Catholic church, since when is it not?

In one of the sickest defences for the child abuse scandal to date, in Belfast a man abused as a child has been accused of making it up as a “gay fantasy” because of his “infatuation” with the abusing priest

And the head of the Roman Catholic church in England and Wales is also a bigot. I know, it’s such a surprise, right?

In New York Rev Jason McGuire is terribly offended that Governor Cuomo has called out bigots like him for their bigoted attitudes

In Malaysia, the Islamic party wants to ban an Elton John concert can you guess why?

Pat Robertson, the crusty old homophobe, expects god to punish the US for not hating gays enough. AKA Pat Robertson continues to be Pat Robertson.

The Church of Scotland continues to see ministers leave at the suggestion of gay people being about and continues to push against equal rights for gay people

And now has had their homophobic reverends on the radio comparing us to paedophiles and thieves

A Church in Liverpool is now doing ex-gay home exorcisms! And, of course, continuing to spread poisonous homophobia.

Did you know that gays commit half the murders in large cities? And that we openly admit to being paedophiles? No, of course not, it was entirely made up by a preacher in Oklahoma. Honest these moral types, aren’t they?

Watching the American Republican candidates is sort of like watching clowns at a circus, albeit even more depressing and frightening. I could collate the many many links, but, really, it’s driving me to despair and rather redundant. Suffice it to say that Bachmann, Gringrich, Huntsman, Romney, Cain, Perry and good ol’ Frothy are all vile homophobes. Also click the obligatory Santorum link. Aaaaand again Santorum

In Russia we have more regions passing more laws to criminalise the promotion of homosexuality – which means no activism or reaching out to persecuted youth including St. Petersburg. And now it could be spreading to Moscow. And, before he did a quick back track the Russian deputy PM, Dmitry Kozak said he wanted this ban to be federal

In Switzerland Christophe Darbellay, politician and party leader, compares allowing gay couples to adopt to legalising cocaine. Silly bigot, the script calls for a paedophile comparison – have you not read the homophobe handbook?

Men arrested at a New York cruising area have had their names leaked to the media effectively outing them. Even though some of the cases were sealed – and even though some of them were just in the park and not involved in cruising.

In the US, it seems the much celebrated first out gay appellate judge may not actually be happening as he has withdrawn his name after waiting 18 months for the senate hearing.

In Iraq Gay men are being arrested and this happens against a background of mass death and honour killings that have claimed an estimated 700 GBLT lives.

In Italy a bi-national married gay couple is fighting to stay together. I can’t imagine worrying that Beloved would be deported, I can’t imagine it

In Malaysia gay arts festival has been banned – because it’s a threat to the public. The art is threatening! I was menaced by paint! PAINT! Naturally because of religious bigotry – who is surprised?

Also in Malaysia, 2 states are considering new penalties to further persecute GBLT people who already face the fines and caning they’re also pushing ex-gay therapy. The GBLT genocide continues

In the Phillipines the health secretary wants to want the parents of gay children about HIV so they can rein in their homosexual children because straight people totally don’t catch HIV, guys!

In Eucdor there are hundreds of “ex-gay” camps abusing and torturing lesbians. This is the damage of the ex-gay movement, this is its evil.

In British Columbia government officials have told tour operators not to mention the scary GBLT people when marketing to China despite it being a selling point to GBLT people, it’s better to brush us under the rug.

In Pakistan phone companies are to block texts including the words “gay” and “homosexual”

In Cameroon 3 gay men have been imprisoned for 5 years – for being gay the genocide continues.

In Puerto Rico, the government is looking at removing GBLT s from the hate crime law

In Tennessee another poor kid has been driven to suicide by anti-gay bullying

In the UK, the head of the Jamaican Teacher’s Association says that Afro-Caribbean children door poorly at school because academic success is seen as “gay”

In a classic example of how not to combat bullying gay students were forced to change for PE separately from their straight counterparts. Nothing like separation and different treatment from the teachers to combat bullying now, is there? The report also found teachers were themselves using openly homophobic language – including threatening to kill their gay children with a shotgun.

In Canada a driving instructor thought it was appropriate to berate his 16 year old student with anti-gay slurs for how he was sat

In Tennessee a gay teenager has been suspended for wearing make up

A trans strudent in California has been expelled from a Baptist university for… yes, being trans

In San Diego a school makes a lesbian couple homecoming monarchs (yes I’m going with monarchs not king and queen. The whole reason it sounds silly – and borderline homophobic – when we call lesbian homecoming kings and gay men homecoming queens is the grossly heterosexist idea that the couple winning these competitions simply have to be heterosexual. The language needs updating to fit the gays, lesbians and bisexual people winning these crowns) which is of the good. But the school and couple gets severe criticism and even threats because of it. And on top of that, the hate group AFA then blames the SCHOOL for this and ignores the threats

In Wyoming, a football coach and, ye gods, guidance councillor handed out a “joke” full of fun homophobia and sexism. way to destroy them kiddies!

In Huarmey, Peru the mayor is worried that the mineral levels in the tap water could turn you gay. What annoys me about stories like this is not that some ludicrous thing is alleged to cause the dreaded gay – but that the dreaded gay is presented as an affliction to fear.

I’ve covered it before but it’s still happening Amtrak’s wifi is still blockinjg GBLT sites as porn, even when they’re not. See, this is why I’ve written before about why I am wary of internet filters.

In Georgia printing a ‘gay yellow Pages’ is apparently immoral – at least according to Media Graphix

In Illinois 2 bed and breakfasts are being sued for blatant homophobic discrimination. Naturally the religious haters are outraged that there may be consequences for being bigots.

In Washington, 3 trans youth were kicked off a bus after the driver took exception to their GBLT themed conversation

In Iowa a baker joins the long list of businesses wanting to keep their establishment straights only

Despite the successful repeal of DADT the lack of decent anti-GBLT discrimination provisions and penalties still leads to many gay soldiers going through hell

In Croydon, a nightclub joins the ever-growing list of businesses kicking out gay couples for kissing

Despite facing repeated, horrific and police back violence in Mexico, a gay male couple were denied asylum in Canada

In Kenya, there has been a bombing of a gay friendly bar

In Long Beach, California 2 gay men have been brutally attacked yet more in a series of homophobic attacks on gay men in the area

In Seattle a gay man was beaten into a coma – and subsequently died from his injuries

In New York, disgusting anti-gay graffiti has been left at the home of a murdered female basketball player

In Ohio, a gay couple woke to find death threats painted on their home

In Chicago a gay man was beaten by men using slurs It was caught on video –but despite this his attackers were found innocent as the judge called him a liar for not being able to remember what he did after the attack which is like, totally relevant.

In Bristol a man who launched a homophobic attack that broke a gay man’s jaw has been severely punished with… a suspended sentence. Well, I feel valued.

In Hampshire a man was attacked and a woman verbally abused in a racist and homophobic assault

In the West Midlands, a gay man was beaten by 5 men using an anti-gay slur

In Worcester a gay man has been brutally attacked in a hate crime

In Hartlepool a group of teenagers attacked a gay man – and filmed the attack on their mobile phones

In Edinburgh, a homophobic attack has left a gay man with a broken jaw

In Canada a man who stabbed a 79 year old gay man 130 times has invoked the gay panic defence

In Brunswick, Australia a lesbian has been attacked by a gang of homophobes