Thursday, 15 December 2011

Louis C.K, your, privileged arse is showing

So, Louis C. K. has joined the legions of those downplaying Tracy Morgan’s bigotry and chiding gay people for our reaction to blatant homophobia

So let’s address some things here, Louis.

You found it hilarious. Really? A joke about stabbing a gay child you found hilarious? You know why we can’t laugh at this shit? Because it happens, Louis. Because we have a truly horrendous homelessness rate – how about that a quarter of gay teenagers could be homeless? This is why we can’t laugh at this “joke”. We can’t laugh through the memories of parental hate and family rejection, of the legacy of our kids driven from their homes, driven to drugs and driven to suicide by their families hating them. And you think it’s funny when a man jokes about stabbing his child because that child is gay.

He is on a comedy stage – do you think that makes it better? Do you think that the fact we can’t even go to a comedy club without being abused isn’t significant? No, he wasn’t on a pulpit – but it doesn’t mean he isn’t telling a room full of people that murdering gay kids is funny. That abusing kids for being gay isn’t good. Do you know what it does mean? It means we can’t go anywhere – anywhere – without having to face this shit. Oh we already knew, there are no safe places – but this is just another straight assertion of that. If we go out, into your world (and, of course, 99.9% of this world is your world) we will be abused.

He was fucking around? He was engaging in hate speech. He was talking about killing a child for being gay. He was talking about rejecting a child, his own son, for being gay. This happens, Louis. This happens every damn day – that’s not fucking around, that’s legitimising and downplaying ongoing persecution

You know nothing. You understand nothing and you’re choking on your privilege.
Don’t tell us what would be more effective, straight man. Don’t tell us how we should react. Don’t tell us what would be more effective in our own path to equality and justice. Don’t presume to know our struggle better than we do.
In fact, why are you even talking? Seriously – do you think we need your advice? Who the hell are you to tell us what our reaction to homophobia should be? Why should we treat your opinion as even slightly relevant? Why do you think you have even the slightest hint of enough insight to presume to chide us?

And we should have approached him and asked him about his dad? His family? That we lost an opportunity to play therapist with him? What the hell man? You want us to treat HIM as the victim here? Do we not centre straightness enough for your little fee-fees? It could have been a starting point in a conversation? While he’s talking about stabbing us, did we not sit down and give him a hug?

Screw that. I am NOT having a conversation about why stabbing gay kids is wrong. I should not have to have that conversation – I refuse to have that conversation. I refuse to even remotely consider that conversation as legitimate. I will not EXPLAIN to bigots why our children deserve to live. I am human, my life has value – end of. There is no opposite position to that, there is just bigotry – and we don’t have a duty to engage bigots to prove our humanity to them.

Do you know the response I like? And it’s easy to guess because it’s the response we got (from GBLT people any way, a herd of straight folks showed up to justify his arseholery). I wanted universal condemnation. Outrage. Fury. I wanted the unequivocal message that what he said was so far out of line it can’t even see the line with a telescope. I wanted rage that he would say something so evil. I wanted what he said ACKNOLWEDGED as evil and wrong and completely lacking in any form of justification – which is exactly what enraged condemnation does. It says, right off, with no doubt that this shit is indefensible, inexcusable and unexplainable.
Because if we’re going to “made a difference in how people feel about homophobia” then THAT is the difference we need to make. We need to make it unacceptable. We need to underline how wrong it is. We don’t need to engage it like it’s a legitimate position. We don’t need to debate it like it’s some kind of reasonable question. We don’t need to centre the poor homophobe and his delicate little fee-fees. We don’t need to pretend there’s an excuse or legitimate reason or defence for homophobia. THIS ALL NEEDS TO CHANGE! We need to start treating homophobia as the bigotry it is – WHICH IS NOT HAPPENING NOW. We need less appeasement, less coddling of the hateful – not more.

And while we’re at it, you clueless fool, you can quit with the bloody hate speech. That’s not funny either and, straight man, the word f@ggot should never pass your lips. And y’know what? I actually have more time for hateful homophobes spouting bullshits than faux-allies like this fool chiding us on how we take our abuse.
All in all Louis, check your privilege, engage your brain, start listening, stop talking.