Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mother Janet Keefe again looks at churches being forced not to be bigots

So I was sat down this morning discussing something with Mother Janet Keefe, my local Catholic priest.

See, pretty soon we’re supposed to have a law change that allows gay civil partners to civil partner (oh dearie me it would be so much easier if I could say “marry” but, of course, that would cause no small amount of conniption fits) in religious buildings should the religions wish to do so

Now, on the whole, we discussed it’s not going to make a lot of difference. The Reform Jews, Unitarians and Quakers are the only religious groups in the UK that seem to be pushing for this, the vast majority of religious organisations being grossly and inexcusably homophobic. But still, it would be nice to have the option – and nice for these religions to have their religious freedom acknowledged. Yes, we both laughed at the Orwellian double-think required to portray restricting a religion’s beliefs and practices to conform with another religion’s prejudices as “religious freedom”

We also considered that churches are not forced to hold religious civil partnerships expressly in the law. I don’t agree with that clause, but it’s there. And I lamented that all of these tired tired bigoted arguments are going to keep being thrown around when we push for real, actual marriage (assuming that ever happens)

Except, yet again, I did not have this conversation. Why? Because Mother Janet Keefe still doesn’t exist. Though if I keep using her as an example I may develop an imaginary friend – an imaginary friend whose a Catholic priest? Ye gods save me from that.

Because, despite discrimination over someone’s sex being illegal in law for a couple of decades the Catholic church is still free to be misogynist neckbeards. I can’t say I agree with that – either the church being misogynist neckbeards or the law allowing discrimination loopholes for religious bigots (not that I would ever want to be a Catholic, but by including the exception in the law we say that such bigotry is valid, legitimate and acceptable).

Now, I do not believe that these Tory MPs and Tory peers are so ignorant that they don’t know this. I am usually pretty ready to believe in all kinds of ignorance from the Tories – but it’s ridiculous to think that the Tories don’t realise there are no female Catholic priests. No, there are times when ignorance quite simply is unbelievable.

So, the only other reason they could be saying this is because they’re lying. Outright lying to push this homophobia into law. Lying because they must hold us back from every aspect of life and cannot give an inch, no matter how ridiculous it is to fight to deny us that inch. Lying because they hate us so utterly and so totally that they cannot stomach any religion treating us as real people rather than the scum under their boots.

And this is the wonderful face of the bigots who would police our “morality”. Lies and hatred.