Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Ok, I am now freaked, more than a little.

We have a friend, we spend a lot of geekery on the net and occasionally, about once a fortnight or so he comes round and we engaged in such depravity as: discussing how Skyrim could have been a better game, debating whether a game can be too non-linear, considering which Vampire the Masquerade clan is the best, debating on whether Mages are better than Werewolves, taste testing value booze from supermarkets so we can decide which one deserves mocking the most and other such geekery. We were at uni together and though we’ve drifted in and out of friendship since, we’re now very much on the friend ladder – and we were geeky then too. Occasionally he’ll stay the night but that’s rare since it makes it hard for him to get to work- but if there’s been a lot of booze testing then he can’t drive away, obviously. (By the way, Tescos value cider gets the award for being the weirdest value booze for having absolutely no flavour at all – but still having an unpleasant after taste). Usually he drops in for a couple of hours or so.

So this is a semi-regular meeting of much geekery but when he left last night we
found a note under his windscreen wiper – you know, like he’d got a parking ticket.

The note urged him to stop what he was doing. That he’d get AIDS. That he needs to think of his wife. That he’s going to ruin his life and hers (he doesn’t have a wife, but that’s somewhat beside the point) and doesn’t she deserve better?

To which it seems that some random observer thinks that he comes to our house to have hot, dirty threesomes. I do say hate it when people have better fantasies of my life than I do. I can see where they’ve extrapolated the AIDS from (homophobic assumptions) but why assume he has a wife? Creepy anonymous note maker, you make no sense!

The content is just ludicrous enough for me to not actually be all that offended by it. If it were a random troll on the net sending me it in an email I’d roll my eyes and delete like I do the random-slur troll (seriously, you go to all this effort to get round the IP block to post a slur that I then delete with a single click of a button. I can’t imagine your life is so empty that you have nothing better to do).

But, snark and humour attempts aside, this was a note on a car, outside my house put there presumably by someone who has watched us – at least enough to see Friend is a semi-regular visitor. And, yeah, I’m several several kinds of severely freaked by this. I’m going to have a little world with some powers that be over this (though single incident that’s not overtly threatening and given the givens I don’t expect it to achieve a lot and nor do I want to drag Friend further into the middle of anything – but it’s nice to have a record, just in case. If things do escalate I can point to a beginning and a trend earlier than later).

Yes, I’m definitely having a bad case of the creeps here. Shit like this can stay the hell away from my house.