Sunday, 4 December 2011

Section 28 was last decade. Now we have Clause 28 - the homophobia's the same though

So, after deciding to waste a considerable amount of tax payer money giving out free Bibles to all schools (which, of course, already have Bibles), Gove has done something much less mockable.

The government’s new flagship Free schools and academies are going to have rules. Some of these rules strictly govern what can and cannot be taught when it comes to sex and relationships.

Let me quote from the article: Headteachers will be told that children must be "protected from inappropriate teaching materials and learn the nature of marriage and its importance for family life and for bringing up children".

*Deep breath*. Protecting children from “inappropriate material” by stressing a heterosexual-only institution. My oh fucking my, isn’t this language bloody familiar?

Current guidelines stress committed relationships – NOT heterosexual-only marriage. They will be changed to reflect the new heterosexist rules that erase our existence to protect the precious kiddies from knowing about the dreaded gay
And the clause number of this guideline? The section of the rule that erases GBLT people and puts straight relationships on a great big shining pedestal as the one true way for all children.

It's clause 28.

Clause 28. No, really. Clause 28. The Tories are bringing in CLAUSE 28 that emphasises to kids in school how right and good being straight is while omitting to mention GBLT people exist

The Tories are “protecting children” from us by erasing our existence in schools under Clause 28

There is no way this can possibly be a coincidence. There is NO BLOODY WAY the Tories could have brought in this rule to keep the dreaded gay out of schools and called it Clause 28 without MEANING to invoke section 28.** This simply cannot be an accident. Gove must have intended this.

Words cannot describe my rage right now. I’ve invented entirely new profanity since reading this.

Someone call Boy George. This song is freaking relevant again

**For those who don’t know section 28 (and because we need a pause while all British GBLT people start swearing and cursing and sticking pins in little Tory poppets) that would be this little law here. Section 28 of the local government act that basically prevented any government body, including schools, from saying anything positive about GBLT people or acknowledging we existed. It did not help the education system – nor the lives of us GBLT kids at school at the time going through 9 kinds of hell. It was a law that was so vile that, after the inevitable happened and it had to be repealed, Cameron was forced to apologise for it (after supporting it for years) just to try and claw the PR back.