Thursday, 8 December 2011


So, after much hemming and hawing, we finally have winter here! (Damn you climate change, it's now middle of December and the weather's only now becomming consistently cold).

I'm probably one of the few people who love winter, especially since I hate snow. I have always been winter's child. I love waking up with the sun still down, I love the dark evenings. I love the cold, clean, clear stillness of it. I love the gfrowling wind, I love being snug and cozy. I love being able to wrap up on a night rather than sweat and groan (for the heat you dirty dirty people. And yes, you were)

What I don't like are my bones that have had their first "ah shit, it's cold again" aching for the season. Ok, more medically informed people than I - is it purely psychosomatic that makes bones-that-have-been-broken ache in the cold, wet weather or is there an actual reason for it?

And will you all tell me that booze will cure it so I have An Excuse. And then I can get back to loving my favourite season

Also, let this stand for the annual "I don't do holiday cards (or any cards)" post. Sorry, I think historically they were important for families that were a long way apart and didn't have means of quick and easy communication - but those days are largely gone. And they're grossly overpriced, seriously, not to be a cheapskate because it's not a matter of "can't afford" so much as "I refuse to be ripped off by this." I shudder to think how much good the literally millions spent on pointless pieces of paper could do elsewhere - similarly I shudder to think of the paper wasted. Also, I don't see them as being sentimental - "here's a message from Hallmark or Clintons. I probably didn't even read it while getting writer's cramp scrawling my name on the 50 cards I'm obligated to send. Oh and here's a picture of a robin" isn't very touching. And then you get the fraught moments - the "oh Mildred has sent me a card, have I sent them one? Quick lie and say the card's at home now sneakily go write one! Oh Doris didn't send me one! I am going to be offended/angry/smug because I sent her one! My addresses, my addresses my kingdom for addresses! WHO IS DENNIS DATING NOW?! SHE MUST BE INCLUDED ON THE CARD?!"

So yes... I'll check out.