Friday, 27 January 2012

Bad News Round Up

It's time for another Bad News Round up. Again, illness and general lack of time and energy has taken me a while to put this together, especially with the usual mental fraughtness of compiling these lists.

However, I do think they're imporant, so here it is in all its horror

Hate Speech
In North Carolina a gun range has decided it’s a great idea to advertise how they “convert pansies”. And it’s not like such language on an advert for a gun range is threatening of course, right guys?

A virulently homophobic calendar was on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In response to outrage over such bigotry, the creator is stamping his feet that those mean gays aren’t just being silent and accepting his hatred. Oh, and of course, AIDS is all our fault.

In North Carolina, a campaign poster against marriage equality suggests gays will shoot newly weds never mind that it’s usually us being the victims of violence from the hate groups

The hate group, the FRC (who is very anti-family) has released another typical screed against gay people and more from Tony Perkins. It is, after all, the reason for their existence. I’d ignore groups like this if mainstream straight society would do the same. The same goes for the AFA deciding AIDS would be cured by god if gay men stopped having promiscuous sex. And yet more bigotry from these hate groups why are they constantly given a platform?

In London, 5 men have been convicted of spreading leaflets that threatened gay people with death. Thank gods, my own experiences with homophobic notes on and around my home have frightened and unnerved me – to have an outright death threat posted through your door is several orders worse.

Oh and back to World of Warcraft, though I have left the game, it is still up to several kinds of fuckery. After much fail, the game has finally removed “transsexual” and “homosexual” from thjeir profranity filter. Fine. BUT question question – why were THESE words filtered yet, I distinctly remember from many many many WoW incidents that “f@g” and “f@ggot” were most certainly NOT censored?

In British football, Queens Park Rangers thinks that asking their fans not to engage in homophobic chanting will cover the fact they’ve just signed openly homophobic Taye Taiwo. So don’t use homophobic chants – but singing homophobic songs over the stadium mic? Totally ok. Of course, homophobia in sports is generally accepted, expected and given a token nod.


In Ghana, the education minister believes they can stop homosexuality. Of course, it can’t –but it can scar and abuse and torment yet more GBLT kids. But since when does the straight, cis world care about that? This follows attempts to arrest all gay men and lesbians in one region of Ghana and other homophobic bullshit that is sadly common.

In the US, Republicans have blocked the appointment of an ambassador to El Salvador, because she supports gay rights

In Oklahoma, a state representative is trying to reinstate DADT for the national guard. Remember, you have to keep watching your rights if you want to keep them.

In Saudi Arabia, a man has been arrested for using facebook to date other men he could be executed, imprisoned or tortured. Or all of the above.

Nigeria’s new anti-gay law contains extreme punishments for gay marriage but also contains draconian punishments for gay organisations and orgs these kind of laws force these orgs to go abroad and then be presented as “foreign interference”.

In Norway, a gay Iraqi asylum seeker has been denied refugee status and told to “go home and be discreet” in a classically homophobic position. He must now hide in silence and hope his secret is never discovered or his life is at risk. Iraq continues to be an incredibly unsafe place for GBLT people.

In the Kostromo region of Russia, is set to become the third region to ban pro GBLT activism is going ahead again making it nigh impossible to campaign for justice for GBLT people.

In Kaliningrad in Russia police harassed several joggers when they thought they were a pride parade. When it turned out they were right wing nationalists they were let go. Gays bad, fascists good, remember.

The new Hungarian constitution enshrines homophobia. Nothing like making bigotry part of your foundation legal document to make it clear how little our humanity is worth.

In Bulgaria, the Culture Minister, Vezhdi Rashidov has spewed some hate speech against gay people. Always fun knowing government officials find your existence repulsive

Iranian “Human Rights” official and advisor to the head of the judiciary, Dr. Mohammad Javad Larijani, is a homophobic bigot who believes… well just about every homophobic thing it is possible to believe. I need new punctuation. How do you surround a title with symbols that scream at how laughably ridiculous it is? Scare quotes don’t seem enough

The Pope is clearly jealous of all his minions hogging the homophobic limelight and has decided to show us all that, mirror muirror on the wall, he is the biggest hater of them all! And announced that gay folks are a threat to the very future of humanity yes, humanity. We will destroy the human race! MUAHAHAH! Is there a reason I shouldn’t treat the Catholic church like a hate group, again?

In Chicago, Catholic Cardinal George compares Gay Pride parades to Ku Klux Klan marches this is what the bigots will resort to. And to have the Catholic church of all hateful institutions to complain about our rhetoric? No doubt there will be some apologists running in soon.

In Colombia, Catholic Bishop Juan Vicente Cordoba is worried about a gay man adopting underage boys – because he will be sexually attracted to them of course, it wouldn’t be the Catholic church without some virulent homophobia. And Catholic officials need to check their own freaking house before throwing out bigoted paedophilia accusations.

In New York, virulent homophobic Archbishop Timorthy Dolan is going to be elevated into a Cardinal, the Catholic value of bigotry is well rewarded it seems. Any other Archbishops angling for a promotion – clearly rampant homophobia is the key

In Spain, the Catholic Bishop of C├│rdoba, Demetrio Fern├índez, revealed that there is a plot in the UN by UNESCO to make half of the world’s population gay. Hey, watch it Dolan, I reckon this guy is angling for a promotion. I don’t know what’s worse – that this bigot is happy to make up such vile lies to push bigotry or that this bigot is so bigoted he actually believes this rubbish?

In North Carolina, the first meeting of a GBLT rights group was protested by bigoted Christians

In Ghana we have a lovely bit of interfaith co-operation, as the National Chief imam praises Christians – for their homophobia See, sometimes it isn’t nice to see people come together

Rabbi Yehuda Levin not only, rather bemusingly, thinks that the homophobic Mitt Romney will 2homosexualise society” but also believes that this will lead to a wave of child abuse this is because the Rabbi is a bigot – after all, this is the man who blamed 9/11 on gay love.

And Rev. Dozier drops his one little lump of homophobia – apparently gays make god vomit. Y’know, I’d pity his deity his fragile stomach. I mean if us gays make him vomit, what must rapists, murders, torturers et al do? Oh wait, did I imply those people are worse than us? Silly me, I forgot we’re talking homophobic Christians.

GQ suggests that Adam Lambert has a “testosterone problem” seriously, a magazine the size of GQ should know better than to push this homophobic bullshit.

Kids Bop has re-released Born This Way in a form that completely removes ALL references to GBLT people, race, gender and wealth to protect the kiddies from the scourge of diversity! How do you even remove those references? Is there anything left?

In the UK, Netflix apps for  the Ipad and Xbox front pages seem to be missing the GBLT section nor can you search for gay content


In Tennessee, another gay teen has killed himself

Anoka-Hennepin School District in Minnesota has had a string of gay suicides and is under pressure to actually do something to try and value gay kids lives. But, of course, the Christian haters can’t stand that and want even more gross homophobia in the school including teaching ex-gay therapy and about freaking GRIDS

In Utah, a school thought it appropriate to out a gay teen to his parents

A student newspaper in Wisconsin actually called for the death of gay people. Yeah supportive school that one.

In Vancouver, school board members are really looking after kids by complaining about an anti-bullying booklet and being recorded by a hate group

In Ontario, another Catholic school board has opposed the creation of GSAs. Supporting and affirming GBLT youth is just too ungodly

In Oldham, a lesbian was forced to use the boys changing room in school after coming out and every teacher who even heard about this should have been sacked. There are other tragic stories of the utter failures of our schools to try and tackle homophobic bullying

Clapham residents are worried about the Pride House at the London Olympics – because of all those undesireable gays! I can almost hear the hands clutching those pearls. Of course they are worried about Clapham Common having the tone lowered by gay folks… wait… Clapham Common? Have they ever BEEN to Clapham Common? Whatever gave them the idea that Clapham Common was a gay free zone?

In Scotland, the anti-equality movement is showing its moral credentials by falsifying petition signatures to create the illusion of greater support for their bigotry. But remember, they’re the moral ones, right?

In Tennessee, a woman was prevented from visiting her sick partner in hospital which shows again how much you have to keep fighting these battles.


In, Florida a FAMU student’s hazing death may be linked to him being gay I saw this first considered by FAMU students on Twitter who spoke of the extreme homophobia and how absolutely everyone was utterly refusing to discuss it.

In Miami, a gay man was removed from bar and beaten by men using anti-gay slurs the media seems to be complicit in downplaying the hate elements.