Sunday, 22 January 2012

My immune system - an awesomely powerful diva

I have come to the conclusion that my immune system is an incredibly talented but highly tempremental diva.

If I sleep well, eat as I normally do then I can walk into the most infected, infested plague pit and my body will laugh in derision at these pathetic attempts at disease. It laughs, LAUGHS at the puny microbes that dare to challenge its supremacy. It is the mighty, perfect immune system and it will crush any who oppose it under its heels, booming out a triumphant victory song! Plague, flu, dipthertuberculebola - any of it will fail in the face of its awesome.

Buuuut, if its demands are not met, if a couple of days without sleep happen, or my meals end up just a little unbalanced then that is it. The Immune System is outraged by this lack of appreciation and stomps into its dressing room and slams the door, refusing to come out except to scream expletives at the interns.

And then? Then I can catch flu in a sterile clean room, surrounded by doctors oozing disinfectant from every pore. It's vexing it is.