Monday, 9 January 2012

Stompy bad mood

After a holiday full of the usual crap and some extra crap and some work crap and some general crap, and just crap crap, my energy, tolerance and general give a fuck reserves are at a severe low. And it pisses me off further that I've supposed to have just had a holiday and I'm feeling as tired, angry and manky as if I've just done a months worth of 12 hours days without weekends. Which is something else which has supposed to just happened but instead I feel run down and there's MONDAY looming tomorrow.

So I'm tired, irritated and generally hacked off.

And I can feel it building. Some day soon someone is going to get it in the neck. It's all going to build up and one of these days someone is going to get several weeks of crap launched straight at the jugular.

And can people stop pushing straight authored books as giving me an amazing insight into GBLTness? It's tiresome

And I'm not even going to address the idea that, to counter the Male Gaze (that would be the straight male gaze apprently, or I'm not male again) it's wonderfully progressive to make a site where straight women can ogle guys getting it on with each other.

And if I get one more, one more damn covnersation, post, email or message explaining why a slur is ok I'm going axe murdering, ok?

Good. The world has been warned