Sunday, 29 January 2012

We need a new car

Which means car shopping, since my old, much loved, creaky little rust bucket has finally keeled over and given up.

Now I am being weatched by everyone from friends to work colleagues to Beloved to make sure I don't buy another creaky old rust bucket. Anyone would think I have a habit for such things! *Hides*

Problem is, of course, that finding the time to car shop is not exactly easy at the moment.

Much BIGGER problem is that Beloved has offered to do it for me

Beloved, shopping, on his own. For a CAR?! A car he expects me to drive? Oh nononononononono I think not.

Actually Beloved also has reservations because his research so far has been shot by my having only 4 questions about a car:

1) Does it have 4 wheels?
2) What's the fuel efficiency?
3) What colour is it?
4) How much is it

Beloved seems to think I need to ask more questions. I don't know if there are more relevent questions. He finds this frustrating. He also thinks I should stop dismissing cars he shows me because "they're the wrong colour". What? I'm not driving a red, white, blue or silver car. Nasty things. And my old car was white (Mimi, from 'Allo 'Allo, so called because she was small, French, blonde and surprisingly powerful) and looked horrible.