Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Guess whose fault it is?

Shall we look at this new fail

The John and Ken Show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou have a someone to blame for fashion pushing women to be ultra-thin

Yes, it’s gay men. Because we like to look at 14 year old boys and we control he fashion and casting industries.

Shall we look at what’s wrong with this shit?

First of all – anything that begins with “gay people control” deserves a slap right there. I boggle at the number of people who think we have this much scary power. Oppressed minorities control nothing, half the time it’s a struggle to exist – and that existence is based on us jumping through the hoops of straight people. But it comforts the homophobes to believe we’re this immensely powerful force because it justifies homophobia

Secondly – gay men as paedophilia, really?

Thirdly – we’re blamed for this? The appearance and body policing of women is based on gay men? Because gay men are that focused on women, right? This is getting beyond ridiculous. Is there anything we won’t be blamed for?

And I know, it’s almost funny. We’re blamed for earthquakes and hurricanes, we’re blamed for bird migration and the death of bees. Yes, bees. We’re blamed for every damn thing and it sounds hilarious – I mean, who re these fools who believe such silly things? Of course we’re also blamed for every and all cases of AIDS and all child abuse out there.

But scapegoating like this is insidious and dangerous. It’s one of the powerful steps to dehumanising people – blaming them for any and all evil. You look at any marginalised group, past and present and somewhere, at some point, you will find them unfairly blamed for something. And that blame? That blame is then used to justify… penalties, punishment, “precautions” to “protect” the rest of the population. And lo, we have “justified” persecution.

And even with silly things, like the damn bees, there’s that sinister undertone. Blame the gays, it’s the gays fault. It’s a habit – and it’s a disturbing one