Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Syd, please don't give the homophobes a damn excuse.

Well Syd, I actually kind of hope your support and promotion of homophobia and excusing of homophobic bullshit from straight people actually does get you greater success in your chosen field. Partially because I think the world sorely needs more out lesbian musicians and hip-hop could certainly use a few. And also because, I think, if you’re going to shit on the rest us so completely I dearly hope it’s worth a decent amount of money to you. I’d hate for you to encourage homophobia and excuse homophobes to this degree and NOT get a decent amount of payment for it – I’d hate for it to be a whim or cheap.

If someone uses a gay slur as an insult then they are a homophobe. They are making it abundantly clear that they think of us as less, as something hateful, as something vile. And while you try to excuse slurs against gay men (was that a conscious choice? Excuse a slur that’s unlikely to be used against you to limit splash back?) they are still slurs with all the power and the meaning of those slurs. And when a straight person says them, then yes, it has all that impact and attack when in a straight person’s mouth. And I don’t believe for a second Syd is that utterly clueless about reclaiming that she’s even connect GBLT people using slurs against us with straight people using them.

You may not be offended by the word f@ggot, Syd (though, again, nice catch at using a slur that is most commonly thrown at gay men) but many of us are – offended and triggered and hurt (similar to how many disabled people are by lame as an ableist slur) and when straight people use that word yes they DO mean it that way. And we’re not going to take it, the hatred and the violence attached to it “less seriously”.

Why do you even think that slurs for gay men are used as an insult? Or to say something is broken and bad? Could be because they regard us as broken and bad? Are you really this blinkered, Syd? I doubt it, I really do.

But here’s hoping it at least pays off for you, you become a major success (though I’ll certainly not be listening. I get enough bigoted shit from straight people) and then, when you are a major success, you decide to stop encouraging and excusing homophobia and dismissing so much hatred and violence.