Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day

Valentines day has swung round again. And words cannot express how much I hate this day (though I am looking forward to the much more fun holiday - cheap chocolate day!)

Not just because it's so commercialised that cupid should have a Clinton Cards logo branded on his arse. Not even because I think greetings cards are the biggest con since people started trying to sell London bridge

No, my first annoyance is just how empty it is. To me Valentines day means "society has told me I should give you this card and this sanctioned gift. This is no indication of my feelings - it's required on this date." Nearly every couple around the country - and more, will be doing the same thing, probably even the same gifts and maybe the same cards. It's very impersonal...

But the main reason I hate it? Well, is there a holiday on our calendar that is more heteronormative than this one? Is there one holiday that is more overwhelmingly straight? For the weeks leading up to it and the day itself, it's one giant het-fest - even more so than daily life.

I'm glad I don't watch much television, because the weeks of adverts of lots of straight folks celebrating romance would quickly drive me up the wall. I mean advertising is usually wall to wall straight folks anyway. It's absolutely everywhere you look, in every media you consume and it's all straightness all the time. Well now we get to throw in the emphasis on love and couples blaring from every direction and the omission is glaring. "It's the time of year where we all celebrate romantic loooove! Uh... but not yours. No we don't want that. Yours doesn't count. We mean real love. And by real love, we mean man/woman love - the only love there is!" Which has the added bonus of meaning that I could never ever truly know love - don't you just loathe that meme?

What's with that Milk Tray man?! Am I not worth James Bond rip-off stunts to bring a box of poxy chocolates too?!

If I go shopping I am bombarded "straight love! WORSHIP THE STRAIGHT LOVING! Anyone not in a straight loving relationship right now is sad and lonely in a desolate empty life!" (can you tell it bugs me?) Signs and banners, packaging and jingles. And don't even get me started on the music. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Girl sings about losing boy. Boy sings about wanting girl. Boys and girls sing together about how wonderful the opposite gender is. Gods, if they do a cover of a song that was sang by the opposite gender they change the damn words to desperately avoid THE GAY! *crash of thunder* *lightning strike* *maniacal laugh*

And it's a damn good thing I do think cards are just a con because if I did feel the need to buy Beloved a Valentines day card I'd have to trawl past acres of straight cards and hope I could find something suitably generic that will hide the fact it's meant for a man to send to his girlfriend - or vice versa. Actually finding a card for gay men to celebrate out love? Yeah, that's going to be a specialist supplier there. Major greetings card companies just don't cover same-sex love. Last year I complained about Hallmark "thinking about it." and taking  "baby steps". And Clinton Cards’ homophobic offering with THIS vile thing. Well they’re joined this year with this wonderful same-sex marriage card. Congratulations on your marriage! Let’s hope you don’t burn in hell! Romantic, right?

So yeah, cards? Probably not even if I were willing to spend that much on a piece of paper.

This holiday is a constant barrage It's 99.9% man/woman man/woman, man/woman THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE! MAN/WOMAN!!!! The Hetero-holiday has spoken! And what is starkest about this is not only that it devalues my relationship – but it also devalues and demeans any relationship I could ever
possibly have had. My love is INHERENTLY flawed – not just my relationship, but my very capacity for romantic love.

I originally wrote parts of this piece last year, but really, it still applies I won’t be taking parting in the national hetfest and I will just get steadily overwhelmed and irritated by the constant “you’re love is WROOOONG!” messages until we’re rid of it.