Sunday, 19 February 2012

We have Gremlins

So the utter icy frigidness of the house is explained by the hall/stairs/landing heater being broken.

Now we have this heater because it's efficient, cheap to run and by heating the room from which all other rooms attach it keeps the whole house warm and draft free even more effecitvely than the central heating (which has a thermostat in the ICY HEART OF BEIRA IN WHICH GLACIERS ARE BORN the living room. I'm not entirely sure why this room is impossible to heat, it may be the front and back huge windows. Either way, the central heating tries to keep that room warm and the rest of the house HAIR METLINGLY HOT).

But now efficient heater is apparently dead and winter storms are now raging up and down the stairs.

Checking the heater necessitated making some dusty mess, removing the cover and all. So out comes the vaccuum cleaner aaand... BANG

It's motor is broken, dead and, judging by the noise, exploded. And it's nearly brand new! And it's dead AGAIN.

But I didn't have time for this... I had a dinner to serve! A lucious pork joint with... wait... why is this oven tray not hot?

Actually turns out what I ACTUALLY have is a raw slab of pork and some raw veggies sitting in the tray in the stone cold oven which is... Broken.

At which point I officially give up. I am now in a fuzzy dressing gown and I'm going back to bed to sulk.