Friday, 24 February 2012

You're complaining about the lack of straight representation? Really?

So, I just saw a wonderful whine about the new Mass Effect 3 and apparently, of the new love interests, there are no EXCLUSIVE heterosexuals (i.e. they’re all gay or bi). Note, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have an opposite sex pairing – there are bisexual love interests and your straight love interests from the last 2 games which, in case you have forgotten, included ZERO same-sex relationships  (oh you could have female bisexual flings, but no relationships).

But but but shouldn’t heterosexuals be equally represented?! Equality should be equal!!!

Yes, equality should be equal. This is correct.

So, for this to happen, I propose that EVERY PIECE OF MEDIA produced for the next, oh… 3 centuries? Better make it 5. Yes, for the next 5 centuries every piece of media produced will contain NO straight characters at all. Oh, alright, you can have 1% straight characters – but they must be servants or miserable and preferably dead by the end of the piece.

After these 5 centuries of near zero straight inclusion in the entirety of our media, we’ll talk about equality being equal.

Until then, kindly shut up, your privilege is showing and it’s really not pretty. And we’ve already seen the same thing with that Bioware troll (who was most epicly slapped down in a way that makes me starry eyed andfanpoodly) and I imagine we’re going to see more of it as the games industry comes to the shocking realisation that we *gasp* exist.

Really, complaining about the lack of straight options is… is… I don’t even have a word for it. I want to point you at our entire planet and ask where you’ve been living that you think this is even slightly a sensible complaint. I mean, really? C’mon, really?

Or, y’know, you could play any one of the gazillion gazillion games that cater to straight entitlement. It shouldn’t take you long to find one.