Monday, 26 March 2012

And why I could never do the Atkins Diet

So I look at the meal I've cooked and I'm sure there's something wrong, but can't quite figure it out. Salmon en Croute, big, crusty-skinned jacket potatoes and fresh baked, still warm bread rolls. Yes, it looks yummy (lots of sour cream as well).

Beloved certainly set too with a vengeance. There was much devouring and much arguing with the cat over whether she liked salmon or not (we told her she didn't, she told us we were dirty rotten liars who will give her fish now.AND some butter)

Belvoed then declared the meal to be the reverse Atkins diet - carbs carbs carbs...

And then I remembered that the purpose of carbs is to be FILLING. And pastry + spuds + bread is very very filling indeed.

I felt the spirits of my grandmothers smiling upon me.As good Yorkshire cooks, they know that thetrue sign of a good meal is diners who can't pry themselves out of their chairs afterwards. If they can walk, you have failed and need to use more suet.

However, in retrospect, some vegetables may not have been out of order. I now feel vaguely guilty. Maybe I should have placed some salad leaves at the sid eof the plate to be ignored so we could claim healthiness.