Saturday, 31 March 2012

Bad News Round Up

It's been a little while again. I haven't really had the time or the energy or the strength to compile one for a while. And compiling them takes some time since it's not something I can really do in one sitting

But, I do think they're imporant, so after much wrangling I finally got it together

Full list below, with all the usual badness one would expect for these lists of bigotry


With the marriage equality consultation in the UK, many religious groups have got together to show their bigotry. The bigoted Archbishop of York, John Sentamu calls our love dictatorial, Lord Carey being his usual bigoted self, the Archbishop of Canterbury joining the bigotry. The Archbigot Vincent Nichols has added the voice of Catholic hatred as well as has grotesque Cardinal Patrrick O’Brien. The Muslim Council of Great Britain doesn’t want to miss out on the hate-fest

Speaking of, Ex-Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, the full blown bigot, is huffing nd puffing about a “therapist” who was suspended for peddling homophobic ex-gay therapy. Of course, lord Carey doesn’t give a damn about the damage it does or how medically unsound it is – he’s more interested in his bigotry. And he’s joined by considerably more of our religious elite. He’s also joined by ex-Tory MP, arch-bigot and defender of all prejudiced religion, Ann Widdecombe

Chief Catholic bigot, the Pope, is still a bigot. He is obeyed, repeatedly. Bisphop Dick Malone is another homophobic Catholic bigot. The Archbishop of Baltimore, Edwin O’Briens continues the Catholic church’s constant bigotry and says human rights for gay people are offensive to black people – yes it’s not meant to make sense, it’s bigotry.  Bishop of Rhode Island Thomas Tobin is always willing to fly the bigot flag

And Pastor Joe Fuiten joins the long list of moral, religious types lying to attack us. Amazing how much lying is a necessary moral act when it comes to homophobia


In the UK, we also have several MPs and MEPs losing their shit about marriage equality. Tory Robert Gale has decided that marriage equality will require Shakespeare to be rewritten, Tory MEP Giles Chichester adding his bigotry, Tory MP Peter Bone has his own bigotry to add and UKIP MEP Roger Helmer is just vile and always has been. In fact, the whole UKIP party is confirming that they’re homophobic arseholes.  

So the US clown car that is the republican nomination continues to show its bigotry. Gingrich lashes out at gay love as undermining civilisation, Mitt Romney will amend the constitution to ban marriage equality and Santorum is his usual frothy self  with equally vile supporters

In the US, a lesbian couple is forced apart because of DOMA. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of bi-national couples having their families torn apart because of bigotry. These children are missing one of their mother’s – this is family values?

Also in the US, there is a bill to prevent same-sex ceremonies on military bases. Just in case those gay soldiers start getting uppity now DADT has gone

In what seems to be the billionth attempt, another hate group is trying to repeal California’s law on teaching GBLT people exist in schools

Virginia has passed a law allowing adoption agencies to be bigots. Again, religious bigotry is more important than our families or the welfare of children

In Canada, in response to terrible rules that could result in trans people being unable to use the airlines, Conservative MPs react to objections by snickering and laughing.

Gambian president, Yahya Jammeh has told the UN that gay rights destroy culture. Which is no surprise from a man who is such an utterly vile bigot and have previously threatened to decapitate GBLT people and drive us from our homes

In Dubai 30 gay men have been arrested for being gay. But hey when we complained about the World Cup being held in Dubai we were being Qatarphobic and unreasonable, right? We’re being so unreasonable and what about the straight people and their sports!

The Islamic bloc in the UN has firmly declared their commitment to homophobic bigotry. In fact, during the historic United Nations Human Rights Council meeting on GBLT rights, many Islamic and African nations walked out. Our rights, our lives are not worth these country’s attention it seems. The utter contempt for us from  this act couldn’t be louder.

In Albania the deputy defence minister,               Ekrem Spahiu, thinks the best thing to do with gay people is to beat them with a stick. No, really.

In Malaysia, MP Datuk Baharum Mohamad wants to set up gay rehabilitation camps. And yes, that’s every bit as disturbing and terrifying as you imagine

In India, the home ministry is still vehemently homophobic and opposes the Supreme Court that ruled against the genocidal outlawing of being gay


In the UK, the court has ruled that calling your colleagues a Batty Boy is unprofessional slurs in a UK law firm. Thank gods, I may have to point this out to some colleagues of mine.

A police officer has won his case against Scotland Yard for racial and homophobic discrimination – and it was also found that a distorted and misleading version of his claim was leaked to the Sun newspaper by a MET official

In New York, Gov Christie says that openly gay supreme court nominee Bruce Harris will recuse himself in any cases involving marriage equality. WHY? Why are only straight people unbiased?

In New York, City we have another St. Patricks day parade that is, again, homophobic and, again, all the straight folks are pretending it isn’t and that it doesn’t matter.

In Iowa, a lesbian couple’s child was, tragically, born stillborn. They filled out the death certificate with both parents’ names filled in. The Iowa Department of Public Health sent it back with one name erased.


In the UK, Roger Crouch, champion fighting to raise awareness of the high rate of suicide among gay youth and the evils of homophobic bullying after his own son committed suicide has committed suicide. You will be missed.

In Winnipeg, Christian parents are outraged that there could be anything GBLT positive in schools and demand their removal

In Michigan, the Mayor of Troy Janice Daniels, already an established bigot, wants to solve the problem of gay youth suicide by introducing ex-gay homophobia. Yeah, that’ll work

In Maryland a school is distributing homophobic ex-gay fliers to a school. It’s like they want our kids to kill themselves

In Georgia, US, a student council leader has been dumped from their position for daring to try and be inclusive to GBLT people

A documentary has exposed the kidnapping of a gay teen to force him to go to an anti-gay, abusive “boot camp”

Hate Speech

In London, a bigoted ex-gay group is holding a “gay leper” conference. This organisation is actually recognised as a charity

In Birmingham, gay people on a train were treated to extreme abuse and slurs screamed at them. Shame it hasn’t attracted a decent amount of attention.

In the UK the Jewish Telegraph has spread a whole load of bigoted homophobia pushing ex-gay therapies

In Somerset a street preacher screaming anti-gay abuse at passing gay people is apparently totally ok. Great, so hate speech doesn’t apply to anti-gay hate speech – what a wonderful contrast with other recent hate speech laws – ah, but they didn’t use the Bible for their hatred

Youtube has a ghastly video originating in the Middle East about “de-gaying” someone that is so beyond offensive I strongly advise against watching it

Naturally, with Star Wars the Old Republic deciding to allow same-sex romance options, the usual suspects are spitting their dummy out and screaming. Guys, it’s Bioware. They’ve already made it clear they’re not listening to your over-privileged straight whining

What the hell is this card? Really?

Reality TV star Rudy Boesch  has put his bigotry on the table – he doesn’t talk to “queers”. Good, I can’t imagine I’d want to hear anything he has to say. Now if he could just stop talking entirely. Another reality TV star, Marlo Hampton has decided that anti-gay slurs are fine to use. Nonpology quickly followed when she realised bad press was following her. Hey her first action on saying it was to call her token gay friend and get some forgiveness cookies. Z-list celebrity Connor Cruise has also joined the ranks of those seeking attention through bigotry

And yes, there is most certainly a problem with homophobia in sports

Australian tennis star, Margaret Court is a homophobic bigot who thinks being gay is caused by being abused.


In Lancashire, a 16 year old gay boy has been attacked and beaten in an attack that left him with a broken jaw.

In Liverpool a man has been jailed for 9 years for a hate crime attack on a gay man – in which he repeatedly stomped on the gay man’s head.

In Cleveland a gay couple was arrested, beaten by police and denied clothing all to a backdrop of anti-gay slurs. And do we need to say the implication of not allowing gay men trousers in prison?

In Washington DC a gay man was attacked leaving a taxi ending up with him being hospitalised leaving his jaw shattered in 2 places.

In separate incidents also in DC, a gay man and a trans woman have both been shot

In Texas, a 71 year old woman decided it was ok to attack a man she perceived as gay with a stick screaming anti-gay slurs. And no, her age does not make this acceptable or her any less a vile bigot.

In Charleston, a man beat one gay roommate to death and the other to unconsciousness

In Iraq, gay men are being massacred with the complicity of the government. So far up to 100 men have been killed. While the mainstream media has focused primarily on the “emo” killing (because straight people dying is more important) it has largely missed that people dressed like this are being killed because they are taken as being gay.