Wednesday, 21 March 2012

An update on Beloved's obsessions

So on the old, ongoing obsession, beloved has started planting things out in the garden. Turnips and potatoes and onions so far, I think. Maybe beetroot as well. Since there is frostiness he has also taken steps to prevent his seedlings, bulbs and seeds from birds, insects and cold with lots and lots of improvised plastic sheeting and shields

Now, looking out of my window I don’t know if the appearance is better described as the “Inhabited by Squatters” look or the “Landfill” look. Neither is very appealing. I comfort myself knowing that in a few months we should enjoy the “Tractless Jungle” look, which is much more pleasant to look at.

I am struck down by the dreaded lurgy and am unwilling and able to deal with anything. Beloved has exploited this and has taken up a new hobby.

Carpentry. I think.

Now, were I at full health I would gently patronise him, insist he read some books on the subject and then, perhaps, allow one manual saw, one hammer and, maybe, 20 nails along with one medium sized wooden board to play with until he gets bored/decides it’s too much work/hits his thumb with a hammer and sulks with the whole lot.

Alas, I am not at full health. And I find that our garage has now become home to what can only be described as timber. Copious amounts of dead tree.

I did intervene before the power tools were added. Well, before most of them were added. And I had some others returned. I’m quite sure no-one needs this many saws. Still, there is a good deal more stuff getting past me than I normally let slip when he has a new obsession.

I have a feeling this is going to be very very vexing in the coming days. And noisy.Oh it's going to be noisy.And ye gods the sawdust. Maybe if I hide it'll all go away

And if he thinks any of that tortured wood is coming into my house then clearly he is in no fit state of mind to be operating dangerous machines