Monday, 30 April 2012

No, no, Mother Nature, MET office, weather deities - I call shenanigans

So Beloved is flicking the TV channels while I read and occasionally say sarcastic things about what’s on screen when this happens:

TV: flood warnings across the region, the wettest April on record..

*channel flick*

TV: drought conditions continue, all people are asked to conserve water

*channel flick*

TV: could be as severe as the floods 3 years ago when…

*channel flick*

TV: hose pipe bans may go into effect in the region. Drought…

*channel flick*

TV: flood

*channel flick*

TV: drought

Beloved: Ok… I think they’re arguing now. Who do you think will win?

Sparky: Well one better – I refuse to have a drought and flood at the same time, it’s bad management. I refuse to accept being menaced by both lack and over-abundance of water at the same time – that’s just greedy. They can pick one menace and stick with it.