Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dear Freak with the Damn Notes

There. Are. No. Women. Here. No Wives. No women.

I'm almost getting used to these snide little notes and religious pamphlets, they're all going into a nice little box, dated, but it's amazing what you can get used to if it gets repeated. CCTV hasn't done much because outside out house is a path tha's technically ours but is a short cut for half the street, charity bag deliverers, postmen, flier deliveries etc and since we've never made a thing about keeping people off our path (it's not a right of way but, really, it's no skin off our nose whether people use it or not and it is a pretty huge short cut) but it means finding who posts these notes, sticks them on the door, on cars, etc annoying.

Someone has keyed my new car though - could be a passing accident but hmmmmmm. Not Impressed.

But what bewilders me about these notes is the number of "think of your wives" "do these women deserve this?" "You are betraying these women"  etc etc yada yada

What wives? The other hateful foolishness I get - but what's all this lamenting over fictional women?

I suppose expecting sense from this person is a bit ridiculous in and of itself