Friday, 1 June 2012

*Glares at Inbox*

Judging by the emails I've been getting, I understand there has been some kind of drama llama on tumblr about fanboys losing their shit because people have been "slashing" the male Avengers characters

It would appear I am expected to roar in, sword raised and slap down their objections



Have you come to the right place?

I've had a brief look at this hot mess (oh look a few hundred comments of "boys kissing is hawt" and the like. Fun) and the complete ignoring/dissmissing of any possibility of fetishism or legitimate criticism of slash as well as all the old standard tropes, memes, excuses and, of course, complete failure to acknowledge actual gay men exist and I don't want to go anywhere near this.

Do I think the objecting straight fanboys are homophobic? Probably. But I also think the same of the huge ream of fetishists, their supporters and their excusers. The difference is, the fanboys won't claim to be my allies or working for social justice while pulling their homophobic bullshit.

You're all homophobes, why do you think I'm going to champion either of you? And you only show this by dragging your sorry self to a gay man who is complete stranger (and clearly without any real examination of what I've written or my opinions) and expect me to run and go to bat on command for your fetish. But then, this is the respect I've come to expect.

And this is why I avoid fandom. When the choice is heternormative erasure and "gay is icky" on one side or gay fucktoys, who need to be drooled over and not heard on the other

Also? I am not going anywhere NEAR tumblr. Every time I've even cast an eye other thyat place I have seen so much collective fail it makes Livejournal look like a shining font of reason and sensitivity.