Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Somehow I shall blame this on Beloved

Here I am, merrily going about my day when my glasses decide they are tired of life. The frames, which, admittedly is very old, finally give up, snap and drop a lens on the floor. Disorientated, I knock them off my face and they’re on the floor too, which expels the other lens. Now hardly able to see, I kneel down to retrieve the pieces, cursing mightily. And kneel on one of the lenses, breaking it well and truly (also: OW! More cursing)

This does not make me happy. What makes me less happy is finding out that I don’t have a spare pair at the office. Or, as Eccentric Secretary oh-so-helpfully reminded me, I’m actually wearing the spare pair after my last glasses broke and, despite her repeated oh-so-helpful reminders, I hadn’t replaced them. She’s a helpful soul.

I call Beloved and inform him of the situation. After he finishes making jokes and giggling and ensuring that I will be extra-creative in my revenge, I ask if he’ll have time, at some point, to swing home grab a spare pair and rescue me (“Can’t you go get them?” “No, I don’t have any glasses, I can’t see, I’m not safe to drive!”)

There follows a very frustrating hour while I give myself a headache of doom trying to read (and get nothing done because, of course, I can’t actually read anything less than 22 font without glasses – and that with straining) until Beloved can hurry home

Then I get a phone call from Beloved informing me that all I have is sunglasses. With 8 year old prescriptions, at that, so not even at my required strength.

So, now I have a mental note to get many spare glasses made.

I also have a lot of clients who think I’m even weirder since I spent the rest of the day being Cool Lawyer in Sunglasses.

I also have a headache of doom from using glasses that are too weak for me.