Thursday, 16 August 2012

On the FRC shooting

So, someone has asked me to speak about the FRC shooting.

To which I would like to invite them to kindly fuck off.

I don’t think I’ve ever made a point of reporting crime in this space that isn’t related to homophobia and transphobia. That is the only violence I regularly talk about (mainly because the mainstream decidedly doesn’t talk about it).

So why do you expect me to talk about this? Oh, right, we’re doing the whole “minority collective responsibility” thing, I see. Guess how not impressed I am by that. I have no duty here, I am not responsible for what anyone has done to the FRC and the idea that all GBLT groups somehow have an obligation to speak is nasty and homophobic (they have, anyway, because they’re classier than the hate groups that oppose us – but we have no duty to do so and no responsibility here). Hey, why don’t you get back to me when the FRC and similar hate groups make a point of speaking every time a GBLT person is murdered? I do not condone, accept or agree with what the gun man did – I think it’s bloody foolish as well as immoral – but I passionately reject the ridiculous idea that I – or any other GBLT person, site or org – has a duty to respond and speak on this.

And isn’t it FUNNY (and by funny, I mean nauseating) that in the recent mass shootings in the US people have been bending over backwards to avoid assigning any kind of motive or group to the (straight, white) killers, but suddenly everyone is oh-so-sure that it’s the fault of “the gays” here.

And to everyone wanting the FRC to be delisted as a hate group – I’m sorry, did their policies change? No? Then they’re still a hate group. One of your employees being injured doesn’t change that. You want to talk incitement for exposing their bigotry? You want to blame people objecting to the hatred for this attack? Then you’re homophobe and a supporter of bigotry.

Oh hey, did you know that a gay man was shot to death and another is in hospital in Baltimore, Tuesday?


Huh, funny that. Didn’t hit the news as much did it? Shall we guess why?