Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Cabinet reshuffle - More Bigots in Power: Equality Minister and Justice Minister

So, we just had a cabinet reshuffle!

And among many parts of that, we have a new Minister for Women and Equality. This was very necessary because the previous encumbent Theresa May (and, of course, the useless fig leaf Lynne Featherstone who is always out there willing to justofy any bigotry her Tory masters have, what a good little Igor she is) was a raging bigot.

So now we have Maria Miller.

Who is another raging bigot

For gods' sake Cameron - I know you're picking among the Tory party here so finding someone who isn't a bigot must be very very taxing for you - but really?

Can we actually have an Equality Minister who HASN'T voted against equal rights? Who hasn't voted against gay families? Can we have an Equality minister who hasn't voted to defend hate speech? Who was absent for the vote for the Equalities Act when it came to Sexual Orientation? A woman who Stonewall gave a mere 14% when it came to voting for gay rights? (The same as Theresa May)

Can we have a minister for women who isn't anti-choice?

In fact, can we have a Minister for Equality who actually gives a fuck about Equality?!

And when we've got that, can we actually have a MINISTER for Equality who isn't also stuck with some other "more important" brief - like the Home Secretary or Culture.

But let's leave the Minister for Equality and look to the Minister of Justice - why it's Chris Grayling!

Remember Chris Grayling, folks? Well he was the Shadow Home Secretary, but lost the job because he publicly spoke up in favour of Straights-only hotels and how it should be legal to discriminate against gay people.

This is the man who scraped up 29% on the Stonewall survey - and even then his words show he didn't even deserve that much.

This is our Minister for Justice. Justice for some - but not for me and mine.

Typical bloody Tories and their sycophantic mini-mes.