Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Lib Dems are quick to defend the homophobe!

We get a gross homophobe for equalities minister and what do the Lib Dems do?

Why, the Lib Dems are instantly moving in to defend her! And Theresa May at the same time. Yes, Mark Pack of the Lib Dems is there to dismiss concerns that a homophobe is in charge of equality, again, and complete sweep aside a virulently homophobic voting record. After all, what does voting against gay rights matter so long as the Lib Dems maintain their empty coalition seats, right?

“Hey, don’t worry about the voting record, the last equalities minister that we supported was a raging bigot as well!”

Yes, that is our worry. What did Theresa May actually do for GBLT people? What did she do to try and end inequality? Pretty speeches! Usually supported by the chief bigot supporter, Lyn Featherstone (and ye gods am I glad that that fig leaf is out of government where she can stop throwing her pretty speeches at inactivity on homophobia). But this is what we should be happy for, right? There may be a raging bigot in power controlling all the funding and policy, but she’ll make nice speeches! Oh and a consultation on whether you’re due equality or not that seeks to set up yet another second tier system. Be GRATEFUL why don’t we?!

Of course, people who actually gave a fuck about gay rights might be concerned that the Equalities Minister for the coalition is always a homophobe. But what do gay rights matter for the Lib Dems if they can stay in power. Time to rattle out the excuses, time to defend the bigots, time to downplay the hateful record and do their best to keep homophobes in power

I'm sure Mark Pack and the other little Lib Dem fanpoodles will be yapping along soon to tell us how happy we should be that Grayling is Justice Minister as well

Damnation I loathe that I voted Lib Dems and hate that I used to be a member. Never again.