Sunday, 7 October 2012

Random Relaxation

Been a bit of an inactive week. partly because I've been low on energy and willingness to care about things and equally low on inclination to do stuff. I have a Bad News Round up lurking but I keep putting it off - so it keeps getting longer as more Bad News pours in. I may split it or tackle it in one marathon when I have the energy, strength, time and will to do so.

Partly due to the epic Supernatural re-watch I did for Fangs so I could review the latest season. torn between loving the show and hating the inclusion.  Still love Castiel though

Birthday week meant a nice restaurant Friday - I love this restaurant, it's just damn good food, michelin quality with minimum chefy damn nonesense and without the ludicrous prices (don't get me wrong, it's not cheap by any stretch, but it's not £25-for-sausage-and-mash-you-must-be-on-drugs expensive. You pay for the quality you get). Kind of like Michelin quality if Michaelin were run by Yorkshiremen instead of the French (you wouldn't get stars you'd get roses and an argument over the colour. And the highest praise would be "eee, that's grand." Or "champion").

I was a little bemused by my meal (cajun cod followed by cajun surf and turf) which was absolutely gorgeous but... not very cajun. Or maybe I'm just over-associating cajun with spice. Still, was nice.

We may go again next week out of some sense of obligation and vague worries that the restaurant was empty. Could be because it's the first day of fair though. Still, this area just has no close local restaurants, not decent ones, this is the only one and I'd hate to see it close.

And yesterday there was much booze because it Was Needed...

Beloved was going to make a cake but it was decided this would be a Bad Idea.

Didn't have many friends round but then, I kind of didn't want to - I needed some Us time, more people is always more stress.

On the subject of Us time, the family, in the ongoing push from Disapproving Homophobic Aunt to bring me back into the fold in some kind of perverse gesture of reconciliation, flocked around expecting to be part of some kind of celebrations. Didn't answer the phone, didn't open the door, left it locked with the key in the lock. No doubt there will be much ructions from this, I intend to ignore it. The hermit is not to be disturbed.

*returns to hermitting*