Thursday, 8 November 2012

Cameron "defends" us against an attack that isn't happening

Recently in Britain we’ve had paedophile scandal after paedophile scandal, I think we have almost a dozen separate inquiries all looking into the various scandals and it’s become clear that previous “investigations” were narrowed down as much as possible. Arse covering was the norm, reputation preserving was what mattered. Same old story, alas.

And a lot of his criticism is hitting the Tory party since one of the scandals his hitting ex-Tory aides.


See, I don’t want it to either. Homophobia often means people often attack gay men as child abusers –just look at the bigots commenting on the Sandusky scandal for one. The Tories should know that – they’ve been the chief forces behind such homophobia – the bigots Baroness Warsi and Theresa May have both attacked gay rights on the basis of “protecting children.”


Well, except that it’s all been rather… civilised so far. Oh there have been the usual internet trolls but even the Daily Mail has been astonishingly restrained. (It is NOW making connections to gay men – because Cameron raised it). I assume that they locked Melanie Phillips and Jan Moir in a box somewhere to marinate in their collective venom.

See, if there had been a witch hunt against gay men, if the scandals were constantly referring to gay men or even raising gay men in any significant way, I’d be the first to fight against that and be happy that people are helping combat it.

But the highest profile cases we have at the moment are Jimmy Saville and Gary Glitter – decidedly straight men; and just like gay men, their sexuality is irrelevent to their paedophilia. Whether this witch hunt against us will happen remains to be seen – but, at present, it isn’t. Or wasn't.

So what is Cameron talking about? Is he trying to pre-emptively head off such a witch hunt? Or is he trying to stop investigation into the scandal by using gay men as a tool – but suggesting the attackers are homophobic and using the tactics of, well, his party does he try to end the investigation before it hits too close to home?

The only one connecting gay men to this investigation is Cameron. He is the one who has raised this and, if a witch hunt happens now, it will be at his instigation. I have the nasty feeling we’ve just been thrown not so much under the bus in an attempt to derail this scrutiny.

No-one’s talking about gay men, Cameron. So why are you?