Friday, 2 November 2012

The horrors of calling a bigot a bigot!

Cardinal Keith O’Brien has been nominated as “Bigot of the year” by Stonewall.

He has called marriage equality akin to child abuse and slavery. He has called us grotesque. He called our love “madness”. He is part of an organisation that has said we could destroy humanity itself, that we are a threat on par with major natural disasters. And that’s just the head – if I looked at what other Catholic Cardinals, bishops and priests had said then it becomes obvious that the only difference between the Catholic Church and the Westboro Baptist church is age and size of membership.

And the vast majority of straight folks didn’t crack their damn teeth in the face of these attacks. It’s ok, because a religious person is saying them, because it was just their precious opinions, because it’s his religion and, ultimately, because GBLT people were his victims and we’re an acceptable target for hatred.

But now? Oh how could we! How could people call the Cardinal a bigot? Oh pass the smelling salts and gather the damn fainting couches because it’s just oh too much for these delicate folks to stand!

Fuck all you people crawling out of the woodwork to whimper how mean the cardinal’s VICTIMS are when he gets some push back to his bigotry?!

Where the fuck were you, Alex Salmond, when this Catholic bigot called us Nazis? Where were you when the Pope called us a threat to humanity? Where were you then with you whining about “personal insults”? But now? Oh no! How could Stonewall say such a terrible thing?!

Fuck the lot of you demanding we shut up and take it over and over again. Fuck the lot of you demanding we be victims all the damn time. Fuck the lot of you pretending that homophobia is OK. You’re defending bigots – and you are bigots. Bigots for demanding we be abused constantly and smile and lick your hands like the quislings around you. Bigots for normalising homophobia and hate speech. Fuck you for creating a world in which our lives are constantly demeaned. Arseholes like you are why we’re driven to suicide – because when the haters attack us and degrade us you stay silent, but whenever we try to fight back to tell us to sit down and shut up.

Enough! We have value. We deserve to be treated like human beings. We deserve a decent level of respect. We deserve better than to be constantly attacked and abused. How dare you try to shame us because we’re trying to defend ourselves?!

And fuck the quislings that exist to constantly excuse homophobia and play pets and toys to the bigots.

That includes Tory (what a surprise) MSP Ruth Davidson. Why they hell she got any award is beyond me anyway? (in fact, her nomination just epitomises so much of what's wrong with Stonewall UK). All she has done for GBLT people is tell us to sit down and shut up – behave like good little lesser people. How dare we resort to “insults” we should “respect” the poor Cardinal. Respect him?! WHAT are we supposed to respect about the Cardinal, Ms. Davidson?

But that’s the habit of Tory quislings though, isn’t it? Look at them when Pink News fawns over them for column inches – everything is always “ignore the bigotry, pretend the bigotry didn’t happen, pretend these people are on our side. Sit down, shut up, be good little victims, be good little pets.” Guess we know what it takes to be a LGBTTory, right? Ruth Davidson, Ben Howlett, Tara Hewitt – all there to hug the bigots close and lick their hands – don’t bite the hand that beats you! Make sure you keep spreading the message that we deserve the abuse and the abusers are good people! Can’t have GBLT people actually thinking we’re equal to your masters now can we? We need to know our place!

Fuck the lot of them. We will never ever achieve anything like equality – anything like safety – if we don’t call out those who attack us, if we don’t tell our fucked up, homophobic society that their homophobic bigotry is ok. And we don’t do that by cowering at their feet and thanking them while they stamp on us.