Sunday, 23 December 2012

My One and Only Comment about “Plebgate”

I don’t give a shit. No, I do give a shit – I give a shit that everyone else gives a shit.

"But Sparky," I hear people protest, "surely you don’t support police lying?"

No, I don’t. And, as a defence lawyer, I’ve had more opportunities than most to have to deal with police lies and see the damage it does.

And no-one cares. No-one ever cares. The police lie through their back teeth on a semi-routine basis and no-one cares.

In 2009 Ian Tomlinson was murdered during the G20 protests by the police. And they lied. They lied over and over again. The police who killed him lied. The police at the event lied. The police describing the event lied. And the report the PR monkeys presented was packed with lies. The pathologist originally described his death as natural because he just missed all the internal bleeding and cirrhosis of the liver. They then thanked Dr. Magoo and asked him to go on his way, I assume.

They lied and said the police were attacked trying to save his life (they did not, it was protestors who applied first aid and called for medical help). They lied and said they didn’t hit him. The police who were stood there watching their fellow thug hit Mr. Tomlinson lied about it.

And no-one cared, no-one was punished, no-one was convicted –not even the murderer, let alone the innumerable police who lied over the man’s corpse.

In 2005 Charles De Menzes was shot on a London Tube.

And the police lied. They said he was a terrorist and stuck to it long past the time it was clear they were wrong. They said he was carrying a large bag that could have been a bomb when CCTV showed they were lying. They changed that to say he was wearing an unusually heavy coat. Again, a lie.

Again, no consequences. Again, police murder was shielded by police lies. Again, the police were torturing the truth before their victim went cold.

So I do not give even the slightest shit about Andrew Mitchell’s “reputation” being hurt by the evil police lies. I have nothing but contempt for a system that will arrest police for lying about mean things a Tory did or did not say, but won’t even muster a slap on the wrist for thugs who cover up murders. They drama about “plebgate” only shows how well and truly screwed up the system is.

When we’re addressing police lying to cover up murders and seeing them slammed in prison for many years and never again allowed near the police force – then I’ll care about smearing a damn politician. Until then, get some priorities, because this is sickening.