Sunday, 6 January 2013

More Slurs, More Hate, More Defenders

Like many many many celebs before her, Azealia Banks has taken to twitter to express her hatred and contempt for gay men. I’m beginning to think it’s becoming an essential part of being a celebrity – become well know, start twitter account, start using f@ggot. I suppose it ensures the assault against our self-esteem and worth are truly unrelenting .

Unlike most, Azealia hasn’t gone to her PR people to tell us how out of context and mistaken it all is (that would be Fantasia’s Barrino’s tactic). She’s quite happy to stand by her bigotry and let that hate and contempt fly high. A proud bigot who holds so much contempt fopr gay men, how nice.

Don’t even try to give me that reclaiming bullshit. It isn’t “reclaiming” a word if you use it as a weapon. Reclaiming a slur means taking it, stripping it of its negative and wearing it as pride. Not using it as a weapon so you can express your contempt and loathing of all gay men.

And that word isn’t hers to reclaim! You can’t reclaim a word that isn’t used against you. And in case the f@ggot wasn’t already abundantly clear as an attack against gay men specifically, then how about:

“does your butthole whistle? Like is your butthole so stretched and raggedy the air whistles when you move?”

Are we clear enough yet that this vile bigot is specifically targeting gay men with her nasty attack?

These are words and phrases that attack all gay men. If you want to attack a specific arsehole then do so, by all means. But when you use slurs and attacks that target someone for being a gay man, then you are expressing your very clear hatred and contempt for all of us. You are dehumanising all of us.

The worst thing about this is not this horrible woman spilling her hatred and showing her homophobic arse for the world to see – the worst thing is the sheer legion of people twisting themselves backwards and into knots to justify and defend her. I honestly haven’t seen this many people storming out to defend homophobia since Tracy Morgan decided stabbing gay kids was funny.

A special prize goes to the straight people twisting themselves telling us how “f@ggot” is totally ok and totally not a problem and these comments are really not bigoted or prejudiced or hateful or nasty, honest – while following @noh8. Classic straight “ally” bullshit – follow a twitter account trying to fight homophobia but turn round and champion it to the hilt. With allies like these, who needs enemies?

An extra bonus to those spending 5 tweets explaining why “f@ggot” isn’t homophobic then retweeting a gay man talking about homophobia to totes prove your ally credentials! And spending time dragging up your gay brother/cousin/friend/door-to-door salesman, honest – because THAT excuse is original!

Enough of this shit. Enough of these legions of think homophobia is ok, enough of these fools who squeal “I’m not homophobic but…” and then defend the most extreme forms of hate. Enough! I am done buying into the self-hate and societal contempt that says I should tolerate these people – anyone wanting to defend this bigotry just get out, it saves me being exposed to your nastiness and having to block and kick you later.

This is when LJ notes really come in handy