Friday, 22 February 2013

This. Means. WAR!

So Beloved has, after a pause to try and lull me into a false sense of security, launched his counter strike.

Oh it was subtly done I will give him that.

I’m there working away on Vital Worky Type Stuff when Beloved saunters in

Beloved: Dragon Age 3’s supposed to be released this year
Sparky: I know, already looking forward to it
Beloved: Do you think it’ll continue the other games?
Sparky: Maybe – but even if it doesn’t I bet you can import game files that will have an effect like Origins to DA2
Beloved: Do you have game files ready? It’s been a while
Sparky: Should do.
Beloved: Ha, so long as you remember what you did and don’t have to do the whole thing again
Sparky: I think I do.
Beloved: At least there isn’t a Mass Effect 4, you won’t be disappearing for a month again.

{conversation goes of in a tangent in which chickens are mentioned, repeatedly. Because he’s never allowed to forget the chickens. Ever).  He wanders off and I’m left alone

Sparky: *working on the Vital Worky Type Stuff*
Sparky Brain: Draaaaagon Age
Sparky: I’m working
SB: Are you working on Dragon Age?
Sparky: No, work. Concentrate brain
SB: I am concentrating. On the best mage build – is it just me or is an all primal mage pointless? Sure you get the achievement bu-
Sparky: Stop! Stop! Stop! Work!
SB: Fine I’ll work
Sparky: Good. *focus focus focus*
SB: Alistair…
Sparky: Stop it.
SB: Alllllistair…
Sparky: Stop it, stop it right now. WORK damn it. *focus focus focus*
SB: I can’t believe you’re doing this when Thedas is being consumed by a Blight. How heartless are you?
Sparky: I am NOT doing a Dragon Age marathon!
SB: Bets?

Beloved: oh, Dragon Age. How long after I left did you start playing?
Sparky: You did that on purpose.
Beloved: *smug look*

I must now spend time plotting revenge again. He cannot cannot cannot be allowed to win. And yes, this will escalate. And no, I do not care if the entire world is consumed in nuclear fire, I WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!