Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A tragedy

Wilfried Knight is a gay man who committed suicide (link SFW, other parts of the site less so)

He committed suicide after the death of his husband, also by suicide. They had been together for 9 years.

But, because they’re a transnational couple, even being married, meant there were few counties they could actually live together without one of them deported. They had to fall back to a rather convoluted solution of his partner getting a job in Canada and then Wilfried joining him on a spousal visa. Ridiculous hoops to jump through, but the reality they faced.

And when that job became toxic then fell apart – with severance packages considerably less than a straight couple would have received, and was faced with trying to find a home where they could be together, he committed suicide.

Traumatic and devastating enough for anyone, Wilfriend’s partners family didn’t acknowledge Wilfried. It’s a homophobia that many GBLT people face from their deceased partner’s family, adding an extra kick to the gut in what is already a horrendous time.

Wilfried committed suicide.

This is a tragedy, an evil, cruel tragedy and shows the cost of homophobia destroying lives.

And the relevant issue in all of this? Is not that Wilfried was a porn star, for gods’ sake!