Thursday, 23 May 2013

Computer has Changed. Bad computer.

Firefox has been giving me all kinds of grief lately, fighting with Flashplayer, eating computer performance and generally being a nuisance.

I applied my usual tech support methods. I swore at it. I frenziedly clicked the mouse. I swore at it some more. I restarted the computer. I swore at it some more. I turned off the computer and went and read and pretended I didn't want to use the computer anyway, so there. I then swore at it some more. I even *gasp* reinstalled stuff.

None of it worked. I know, I was shocked too.

So I poked Beloved and insisted he do the magical arcane computer thing. I assume sacrificing a goat was involved (this is how you make computers work, yes?)

And I came back to find my computer no longer has Firefox. It has Chrome.

This is why I don't ask him to fix things. Now things are Changed. I don't like Change *huffs in a corner*

Also, we're decorating. Which is probably silly since we've also kinda-not-idly discussed moving