Friday, 17 May 2013

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia Bad News List

It has been a long time since I last did a Bad News Round Up. They’re draining. Aside from the work of compiling, the litany is just damn depressing and I’m not always in the headspace to handle them

But, with today being the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, I am venturing back to them because I do think they’re important, for all the reasons I’ve said before. It’s important to link the hatred to the violence. It is important to realise these aren’t isolated incidents or that the bigotry is in the past.

In short, it is important to remember why we have to keep fighting.


The Lithuanian Bishops Conference wants us to know that laws against domestic violence lead to people becoming gay and trans. It’s like they had a Madlibs contest to see how offensive they could be

Catholic Archbishops in the US call treating gay people as full citizens an injustice – and threaten straight folks who dare to attend our weddings.

Catholic Cardinal Dolan is also all out with his bigotry – stomping that gay people are part of “entitlement” culture for wanting the same human rights as straight people. Catholic bishop Thomas Tobin of Rhode Island is joining in the holy hatred. Catholic Archbisop John Dew in New Zealand also hates the idea of gay people being treated as full citizens. Cardinal Andre Wingt-Trois  in France decided to blame violence of gay people being treated as full citizens and not the violent perpetrators.  The violent should be appeased and bowed to, of course. Cardinal Napier in South Africa has a novel way of defending himself when his bigotry is exposed – he claims he can’t be a homophobe because he doesn’t know any gay people. Uh-huh because being a homophobe gives you ample chance to get gay friends. Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana has looked at the Uganda genocide bill and thinks it’s a splendid idea. He also thinks the child abuse scandal in the Catholic church is, of course, the fault of gay people. In San Francisco, Archbishop Cordileone has his own bigotry saying gay people make kids suffer.

Honestly, I could just have a section on the Catholic church and I could fill it.

Ofcom has had to criticise (which means do nothing, of course) several Muslim TV stations for broadcasting homophobia and even advocating torturing and murdering gay people

Tooting Mosque held an entire meeting dedicated to fighting the rights of gay people after Muslim MPs voted for marriage equality

Hate Speech

The Family Research Council isn’t nearly as inventive – they’re sticking to the old gay=paedophile bigotry. Repeatedly.

“Ex-gay” groups are fighting a law in New York banning torturous reparity therapy by drawing comparisons with Jerry Sandusky.

Peter Spriggs, renown bigot, is given an unchallenged platform on CNN to claim Christians are a persecuted minority.

Matt Barber is a renown bigot – but this vile picture suggesting gay Boy Scout leaders are paedophiles was retweeted all through the net.

Linda Harvey would like you to know that gay rights = slavery. Hate groups don’t have to make sense.

Alan Keyes thinks gay boy scouts will turn other scouts gay of course through lots of sexual advances the bigots are never tired of the “gay sex predator” meme. Realising how boring this is, he also went with gay marriage causing a communist regime that will lead to genocide also, supporting marriage equality is a crime against humanity. There you go, full on la-la land has been achieved!

Do you know who’s to blame for the financial crisis? It’s the pro-sodomy gestapo! According to Bryan Fischer anyway. We’re going to treat Christians the way the Nazis treated Jews apparently (and gay people – but the hate groups always forget that)

Newt Gingrich thinks debating gay rights and our humanity is anti-Catholic. Because their “right” to treat us as scum under their shoes is being violated.

Of course, over in Britain, marriage equality has got the hate groups up and vocal.  And given spots on the news. But usually the churches do our hating – just ask Lord Carey, I don’t think he’s had a conversation without mentioning gay people in the last 10 years. Though this woman from C4M keeps on going and going like a Nazi duracelle bunny.

Celebrities and Sports People

Professional Wrestler Jay Briscoe tweets death threats for anyone who tells his kids gay marriage is ok. I dearly hope none of his children are gay

American Football Player Mike Wallace just had to hit twitter with his ignorance about Jason Collins coming out

There are 8 footballers, at least, who are gay but are afraid to come out because of homophobia in  sports.

Football player Alan Gordon also drops some anti-gay slurs complete with follow up fauxpology

Jeremy Irons has an ignorant, highly offensive ramble about the evils of marriage equality

Louis Farrakhan is… still Louis Farrakhan. Expect no different.

Michelle Shocked loses her ever loving mind with an on-stage homophobic rant.

Homophobic abuse from football fans are becoming and increasing problem – including over 100 Crystal Palace fans screaming abuse in Brighton; something that is a repeated problem to Brighton and Hove football clubs.

Government/ State

In Ethiopia, religious groups say the government is planning on introducing the death penalty for gay people.

Also in Russia, author of virulent homophobic legislation, Vitaly Milonov says gay teens make up being bullied.

Ukraine has dropped a bill that would have banned anti-gay discrimination.

In Minnesota Rep Peggy Scott is absolutely heartbroken that gay people are treated like full human beings

In Texas, they state government has heard about universities preventing their students being bigoted towards GBLT people and has decided that this is awful – so are protecting bigotry by law.

Maryland Senator Don Dwyer decided to go boating while drunk. Naturally, being all about personal responsibility he knows no-one’s to blame for this but himself. HA! No, of course not! It’s gay people getting rights that caused it! If the US passes ENDA do you think he’ll drink himself into a coma?

The president elect of Paraguay, Horacio Cartes is a nasty, homophobic bigot who thinks we’ll bring about the end of the world among other, even less pleasant things.

In the UK, Ex-police Chief Lord Deer has decided gay people shouldn’t get marriage equality for our own good – in case there’s a bigoted backlash. This man was a police chief and he’s willing to appease violent criminals? I call bullshit. Of course, when he was police chief it’s not like homophobic hate crime was considered important (nor is it still).

In Scotland, UKIP’s new energy chief has spouted all kinds of homophobic bullshit about the “selfishness” of gay people

Homophobic Tory MP David Barrowes openly admits he’s pushing for a referendum on marriage equality as another cynical plot to destroy or delay equal rights for gay people.

Italy’s equalities minister is a homophobe who thinks gay people “ghettoise themselves.” I’d ask what country would put a homophobe in charge of equalities – but then with Theresa May and Mary Miller, I’m going to refrain from launching stones from my glass house.

In Canada, Liberal Candidate Mary Polak’s campaign manager has quit because he thinks the base who are voting for her are homophobes who have no respect for him as a person.


In California a gay couple was kicked out of a mall for kissing.

In Missouri, a couple was split up in a horrific act of homophobic discrimination. One man was committed into hospital by his brother, despite his husband having the legal paperwork to make decisions for him. When the man went to the hospital to see his husband and demand his rights, the hospital and family called the police, had him handcuffed and removed from his husband’s bedside, assaulting him when he refused to go. The police insisted on using gloves to handle him because they assumed he’d have AIDS.

On the Isle of Man a lesbian couple has been denied a flat because their landlord is a homophobe. And, yes, it’s legal.

A Bar in Brighton refused entry to a gay man because he was wearing a “disgusting” pride sticker. In Brighton? Can we have no centres at all?

In New Zealand, a bed and breakfast refuses to allow a lesbian couple share a bed, being denied the Kingsized bed they’d booked.

Glee has been edited to fit an earlier time slot – that means editing out implied gay sex scenes and keeping in the straight ones

A Catholic school in Wisconsin is so homophobic, they denied a straight man a job over rumours he was gay.

In New Zealand, a McDonalds worker was disciplined for being “too gay” and was threatened with the sack if he turned any of his colleagues gay.


Also in Russia, in Syktyvkar the organiser of a banned gay pride parade has been badly beaten and no action has been taken against his attackers.

In Huddersfield a gay man was attacked for being gay – actually in a gay bar. There are no safe spaces

In Devon a 20 year old has been jailed for attacking a man he thought was gay and stamping on his head. For 12 months.

In South Yorkshire, a man who killed a gay, disabled man by setting his genitals on fire has been sentenced to 3 and a half years.

In Davis, California, a gay man was beaten into unconsciousness by a man using anti-gay slurs

Also in California, a bisexual man was beaten by men using anti-gay slurs. The police decide this isn’t a hate crime

In New York, 2 gay men were murdered in separate attacks within 3 days of each other

Also In New York City, 2 gay men were attacked by a gang in broad daylight, both of whom suffered broken bones.

Guess what, also in New York City, 2 gay men were attacked and beaten by a gang of 5 men. One of them required eye surgery. That’s 2 attacks in one week.

Yet again in NYC, a woman was attacked by a man yelling slurs who smashed her in the face with a ketchup bottle. I’m assuming the glass kind.

In Brooklyn, a gay man was beaten by people he said were the police who subsequently harassed him when he planned to sue.

In Oklahoma, a gay man and former politician was attacked by 3 men using homophobic language outside a bar. Despite homophobic abuse, the police decide it isn’t a hate crime because… reasons.

In Louisiana 2 gay men were attacked by another group of men using anti-gay slurs

In Seattle, a lesbian suffered a broken jaw in a homophobic attack.

In Wisconsin a gay man is beaten into unconsciousness by a man wielding a piece of lumber and using anti-gay slurs. Of course the police aren’t treating it as a hate crime. As an added bonus, the Applebees where the victim worked sacked him for the bad publicity. But kept on the wife of the attacker who instigated the attack

In Portland, 2 gay men were attacked by a man using anti-gay slurs and wielding a wrench

In Cyprus a gay couple was dragged from a car and beaten by a gang of 8.

In Greece, 2 gay men have been attacked by a gang of black clad men shouting anti-gay slurs.

In Israel, a lesbian teenager was attacked by a gang throwing rocks.

In South Africa, gay men in a camp to turn them into “men” were beaten, starved, tortured, forced to eat their own faeces and killed.

In South Africa, 9 gay men have been murdered by a gang of serial killers.

In Senegal, a gay couple have been brutally beaten by their own parents – fully supported by the media that has demonised the men.

In Peru, a man set his gay son on fire.

In Lancashire, UK, a bisexual teenaged father committed suicide after unrelenting homophobic bullying

A trans woman in Britain has committed suicide after being hounded by the transphobic (and generally bigoted) Daily Mail.