Monday, 10 June 2013

Happy Birthday Triple J

Happy Birthday Triple J. I know others are going to do stuff that is clever and shiny and impressive. But you worked with me on that voice video thingy and know fully well that the chances of me doing anything technically awesome are doomed to failure and may break the Internet.

Instead I’m going to thank you for listening, learning and speaking and doing it right – and for deploying grizzly bears when needed, which are always appreciated. And, of course Happy Birthday and lots of hope that soon you will escape your co-workers and never seem them again – unless your bears get sick and start vomiting them back up. Or you go into the woods and bears do what we are readily assured they do in said woods, either way they’ll probably be more pleasant than their current incarnation.

And to pimp you youtube vids which are awesome on many levels and usually cause me to lose more time on the internet than both Cracked and TV Tropes: warning us of some real crap out there – but also some gems.

It’s also possible that despite coaching from both Dennis and Renee, I’m still posting this in the middle of the night in whatever time zone you foreign type people use (I believe there are 3 time zones in the world: Greenwich Mean Time, British Summer Time and Inferior Foreigner Time That’s Not As Good As Real Time)

On the plus side, I didn’t make one Canadian joke.