Thursday, 25 July 2013

I have an anti-hippy cat

I have an anti-hippy cat

(Cut for pictures)

Proving she is the most awkward creature in the world - this is where the cat decided to lay

Why lay here? Because she can knock the vase down the stairs and then look all innocent at the shards of glass. Yes I know her game! Look you can see her planning

(The vase is there because the window is open because it is HOTTER THAN THE SURFACE OF THE SUN and the wind tends to know it down anywhere

The flowers exist because of annoying F who decided that it was proof of a male household that we had no flowers. We do have flowers - in the garden. I don't see why you would want to take nature's wonderful beauty and then bring it inside to watch it die slowly. Isn't that a little twisted? So she bought us silk flowers and insisted we had to display them or she would be mortally offended, MORTALLY!)

Having been rousted from the stairs she went outside in a huff

And yes, those are flowers she is laid on, being crushed by her kitty backside. I can only conclude that she has a thing against flowers. She is anti-hippy kitty. She scorns your flower power. She has no time for your peace or your love.

(Yes there is an old net curtain on that tree. This is because it's a cherry tree. I like cherries. Beloved likes cherries. The birds really like cherries. The curtain is Beloved's half-arsed attempt to stop the birds and ensure we can never have nice things. The birds thank him for the nice awning he's made for them to enjoy the cherries under).