Saturday, 3 August 2013

I need to apply axes to heads again

I spend most of the week in distant parts doing most annoying and tedious work and slowly melting to a puddle in this thrice cursed heat. And why is it that I’m always the one doing the business tour of the arse end of England anyway?

 Despite this, through the wonders of modern technology I still manage to get a lot of my own caseload tackled. I’m feeling accomplished!

Except I get back and find that my colleague’s cases are now on my desk. Why is this? Because he’s going on a short-notice-I’m-sure-no-one-minds last minute holiday. Naturally I am the one considered to catch this hurriedly dropped ball because…. Reasons (reasons I more than suspect, especially since colleague #2 who has less work load than me hasn’t been handed these cases because she wanted to spend more time with her husband).

I am not amused.

And then I’m on call this weekend as well? What the hell guys? What is this, some test to see how much you can poke the Sparky before he becomes a raging lawyer hulk and starts beating people to death with the metal-clad briefcase of painful bruising?

I am now in a bad mood - I shall have to find someone to take it out on