Friday, 20 September 2013

Pope Frances has another PR Coup

I have to admire Pope Francis – he is a man of incredible skill and talent.

In PR.

This man is one of the best spin doctors I’ve ever come across.

Take his latest stunt. He releases a speech in which he thinks that Catholics shouldn’t focus so much on all the homophobia and misogyny.

And the crowd goes wild! Look at all the people rushing in to give him cookies for making a pretty speech! Just like last time, his minimal sorta-nice words are hailed as revolutionary and reforming!

Do we have such a low opinion of our value, so little respect for our personhood, that this level of fawning happens every time this nasty bigot of this nasty bigoted organisation says anything? Are we worth so little that these non-gestures are to be praised? Are we so disgusting that this mealy mouthed “nice” bigotry is something we should be grateful for?

No? Then why are you validating this shit?! I and mine are worth more than Frances’ patronising non-acceptance. I resent the yapping gratitude to a man who STILL won’t acknowledge our full humanity.

Look at what he said!

He didn’t change policy or doctrine of the Catholic church. He hasn’t changed the Catholic church’s homophobia or misogyny. He hasn’t said women can be leaders equal to men. He hasn’t said love between GBLT people is as valid or equal to that between straight people. He hasn’t said that He hasn’t changed the Catholic church’s position on non-discrimination laws, marriage equality, abortion or contraception.

He hasn’t said the church will stop fighting against our human rights. He hasn’t said the church will stop treating us like shit. He hasn’t apologised for his own vile hate speech. He hasn’t apologised for the evil shit his church has perpetuated. He hasn’t apologised for his homophobic co-speech with Benedict.

He’s said there needs to be less of a focus on it. Because the Catholic church is becoming known as the homophobia and anti-choice church.

It’s a PR exercise. It’s like a man kicking puppies and then deciding he’s still going to kick puppies, but he’ll not extol the virtues of puppy kicking quite so much. And we’re going to praise him for this crap?

He is not pushing for any change of policy or doctrine. He is not trying to reduce bigotry one iota. He is not stopping his church pushing the same level of toxic hatred that is killing people

But he’s praised. He’s praised because we don’t matter. He’s praised because bigotry from the church is RIGHTEOUS and beyond criticism.

And if you think that this is a huge step for the church then that isn’t something to praise! That is proof of the utter, repellent evil the church is consumed by. If this is all the good it can manage, then it should be condemned – it should be shunned, it should be reviled! Not praised for petty gestures of humanity being the only shred of goodness it can manage. If it is so lost to evil then it shouldn’t be praised for that.

And why would it change faster? You’re all out there throwing cookies at the man for a pretty speech! This isn't even a case of giving cookies to people for meeting minimum standards of humanity - because he hasn't even done that! This is handing cookies to a bigot who has the common sense to gild his bigotry! That’s twice at least that you’ve done that! You eat up his bigotry and sing his praises! Why should he or the church try to change any faster? You’ll kneel at his feet and fawn at his ankles because he’s willing to say nice things while he beats you!

I’m sick of being smacked and then expected to say thank you. I’m sick of these bigots trampling on us and far too many of us saying how wonderful the bigots are for stomping on our necks. It’s pathetic, it’s depressing and shows just how much contempt for us is normalised, internalised and all encompassing.

A significant moment? Not really - just another edition of the shit we'll swallow.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Beloved dices with death - again

There is a war brewing. Or rather, there is some epic revenge brewing, I just need to decide exactly what is appropriate. So far I am torn between feeding Beloved to enraged Honey Badgers (and is there any other kind of Honey Badger?) or making his brain melt by making him watch BBC channels with numbers above 2. Or making him watch reality TV until he loses all faith in humanity and slowly fades away from sheer despair.

Reality TV is much more easily obtained than Honey Badgers, it has to be said. I think that’s a fundamental flaw of society – less fly-on-the-wall, more enraged mustelids!

But what heinous crime did Beloved commit to earn death by badgers? Why, so provoking was it that I suspect he may be trying to commit suicide by Sparky.

See – I bake. This is well known. I bake all kinds of scrummy goodness, completely from scratch and all designed to ensure you will die from severely clogged arteries but damn it will be worth it.

I baked my spiced lamb and yam pasties

I baked a smoked salmon and asparagus quiche

I baked breakfast parcels (bacon, tomato and red Leicester cheese wrapped in a thin, flakey shortcrust)

I baked pork pies. Actual hand raised, hot-water-crust-pastry from scratch pork pies.

I baked tea cakes and crumpets.

They were all there, in the fridge and the bread bin, begging to bless him with the heavenly joy of their super deliciousness. And what does he do?

He goes to a shop. Not even a bakery, but a corner shop. And he buys sausage rolls. Shop bought sausage rolls. Wrapped in plastic. Made in a factory from air, sawdust and pastry shavings.

And he brought those sausage rolls home, to our home, to our house that has all of these delicious baked things inside.

And he ate one.



Let me reiterate. Surrounded by the delicious fruits of my labour, he instead chose to eat a sawdust-and-sweepings artificial ingredient slab of nastiness.

And he let me see him.

And then he dared to say “what?”

One day future generations will point to the crater that was once this city and say “welp, he did deserve it.”

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

On Peace Between Christians and GBLT People

So this dishonest article in the Advocate is the latest in a long line of Christian bigotry apologists calling for there to “peace” and a “middle ground” between GBLT people and Christians – and how both sides are as bad as each other.

Why is it dishonest? Because it completely misses the context of this “war”. And, I’ll agree, there is a war being fought.

There is a war being fought because Christians (and other religious groups) are constantly attacking us. There are multi-million pound Christian groups created with destroying our rights as one of their express purposes. Politicians get up and speak against every right we fight for while waving Bibles in the air. The head of the biggest Christian denomination in the world spouts hate speech every bit as hateful as the Westboro Baptist church. In my country the Anglican church weasels its way around desperately fighting against our rights every time they’ve come up for a vote – and because they are an established church they actually, sickening, have a vote to make their bigotry law. The Christian Orthodox church in Russia is up to its neck in Russian anti-gay laws and other branches of the Orthodox church can be found championing bigotry throughout the Balkans. The Catholic church around the world can be relied upon for the most hateful homophobic rhetoric and the most powerful opposition to every and any right we fight for.

Quite literally BILLIONS of Christians support these homophobic denominations.

And the gay equivalent…

See, we’re not fighting to have Christians executed. We’re not fighting to have Christians arrested. We’re not fighting to have forceful conversion of Christians. We’re not fighting to have Christians fired. We’re not fighting to break up Christian marriages. We’re not fighting to have anti-Christian bigotry championed in schools. We’re not fighting to have Christian kids bullied to the point of suicide. We’re not fighting to get anything FROM Christians or to do anything TO Christians. We have no vested interest in fighting Christianity – only in defending ourselves AGAINST it.

This is a war – but it isn’t two sides attacking each other. It’s one side constantly attacking and the other side constantly defending.