Monday, 9 December 2013

In the interest of making excuses...

...or digging the whole deeper, Beloved insists on some clarifications

1) Apparently a pomegranate and a turnip look superficially similar before one cuts into them.

Apparently. Perhaps to someone who is not familiar with either...

2) The pomegranate was put in the vegetable drawer

-true... however I only receive an echoing silence when I ask who put them there

3) He didn't make a mess cutting the pomegranate, but by using the potato peeler on one.

...this is apparently better.

This also shows that he only has the slightest idea how to use the peeler

4) He doesn't like pomegranates. 

...I fail to see the relevance 

5) He thinks you can put turnip in my chilli

...this is why he doesn't make chilli