Comment Policy

In general I do not want to intervene, do not want to edit, screen or delete comments or ban people. It's more work if nothing else, and I'm a fundamentally lazy person. But I will if I have to. This means if you make me step in you make me do something I don't want to – this makes the Sparky grumpy and causes grey hairs.

I won't say this space is a safe space – because that requires me to be far more infallible than I know I am. I will say I want this place to be as safe as I can make it for as many people as I can make it safe for. Which means I don't want to see -ist language, slurs or their ilk. I will poke people, delete comments, screen comments or ban users (possibly randomly since my computer skills are not sharp). You shouldn't need to be told. And if you do need to be told, we shouldn't have to tell you.

If you make a mistake or act in genuine, reasonable ignorance, people will probably educate you, I will try to do so if I'm capable of it. They may be nice about it, they may be hurt and angry about it. Take it as the learning opportunity it is.

For the rest, I'd prefer people to be as civil and respectful as possible, it causes me less headaches apart from anything else. But if someone's a raging arsehole they get what they dish. I'm not going to police people's tones, I don't have the time or energy for that – but nor am I going to let someone go all godzilla in my space.

If you're a troll you will be banished back under your bridge from whence you came.

And for people who wish to complain about their free speech – this is my house. In my actual bricks & mortar house, I am not obliged to tolerate abuse of me or my guests, not obliged to tolerate loud and rowdy house guests nor to put up with people who get sloppy drunk and vomit on the carpet. I don't have to put up with the same behaviour here.

In most cases, if there is a debate or discussion going on I will try to keep out of it. I think mods and space owners dive bombing into a discussion can be stifling. Unless it's needed, or I just have to open my mouth anyway. Similarly, I'm less likely to delete or smack down a clueless comment if someone has already constructively engaged it.

Above all guys, try not be arseholes. My grey hairs don't need it.

I ask everyone to be patient. Like 99.9% of bloggers, I don't have a staff of eager minions (alas). I don't, can't promise to catch everything and certainly not as soon as it happens. By all means let me know if fail has spilled everywhere, but be aware that I don't have Sparky Symbol in the night sky that will summon me at a moment's notice. I know, it's annoying but they denied me planning permission

I expand on this in this post here